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Goff in the 13th or Sammy Watkins in the 6th (1 Viewer)


I am in a 14 team half point PPR. We keep 3 players where they were drafted. I already am keeping David Johnson in the 14th and Ajayi in the 8th and would like advise on my 3rd keeper. If I keep Watkins in the 6th, Goff is projected to go in round 6.02 based on the draft dominator. If I keep Goff in the 13th, Watkins is projected to go in round 3.05. Which player do you think would be the better keeper? 

Thank You



You are looking at Sammy + (Dak Prescott or Derek Carr )

or Goff and a 6th round level WR

I never like investing much in a QB, so I prefer the former option.



I take Watkins and draft a QB.  There is a ton of QB talent and you will be able to get a Goff quality guy in the 10-ish round.  Easy choice.



Watkins didn't go until the 11th round in a 12 team draft I was in yesterday. Does that answer your question.


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