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Going Back & Watching The Larry Sanders Show All The Way Through (1 Viewer)

Binky The Doormat

Who's with me???

I'm in the middle of season 2.  I loved this show and really haven't watched it since it ran.  It still holds up for me - man, we lost a really good one when he went way too soon.  

I think to really enjoy it, it helps if you grew up with the Tonight Show.  It stands on its own, but so much is played off of that show with Carson (don't have to go back to Jack Paar).  

Did that last year. No regrets. It was actually better than i thought it would be. Don't rewatch much episodic comedy and i've gotten allergic to vanity in my grumpy years, but it held its humanity through the years, and Shandling's search has never stopped fascinating me.


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