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Good News/Bad News Week For Joseph Addai (1 Viewer)


It's a mixed bag for Addai and the owners trying to figure out if their first-round pick is worth starting in Week 3. And how sad is that Addai owners even have to contemplate sitting him? Anyway, here's the good news and bad news for Addai this week.


C Jeff Saturday wasn't on the injury report today. He was close to playing last week and if he's not on the injury report that could mean he's set to return this week. That would be a huge boost for the Colts' wounded offensive line.

Only four teams in the league have given up more fantasy points to RBs so far this season than Jacksonville. The Titans got 133 yards combined from Chris Johnson and LenDale White in Week 1 while Marshawn Lynch mustered only 59 in Week 2. However, opposing RBs have scored in each of the first two games (Johnson and White with TDs in Week 1 and Lynch with a TD in Week 2).

TE Dallas Clark practiced today. If he can return, it means the Colts will be at full strength in the passing game. As we saw in Week 1, that isn't a guarantee Addai will do well, but it certainly can't hurt.


G Tony Ugoh could miss the game with a groin injury.

Addai has a poor history against Jacksonville. He's never had a 100-yard rushing game against them and he has yet to score against them.

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I'd be perfectly happy with 60yds and a TD (with a few catches sprinkled in for good measure) at this point.

Actually, same goes for MJD.

:0-2 to start:

CBS is listing Addai as questionable but said it's "non-football related". He was excused from practice yesterday. What's the deal with this guy?

It's worth noting that Ugoh is the left tackle. Also, Jacksonville has a new defensive coordinator (Gregg Williams), so there has been a change in scheme in Jacksonville since Addai's previous games against them. Overall, with the offensive line the way it is, I expect it to be a jailbreak in the Colts' offensive backfield. Not many rushing yards to be had here, but Addai should be involved in the passing game.

Looks like Saturday will play. From RotoWorld:

Coach Tony Dungy said he expects C Jeff Saturday (knee) to be ready for Week 3.

"Jeff is ready to go and kind of felt like he was ready to go last week," said Dungy. The Pro Bowl center will take his job back from rookie Jamey Richard and should bolster a line that has struggled so far this season.

Source: Indianapolis Star

I really don't expect to see much from Addai until after the BYE.
I gotta agree with you on this one. In the league I own him in I think I'm going to go with a couple WR's over this guy for the next couple of weeks till he does something. I'm a big Addai fan, but Peyton seems off, the line has not done well in run blocking, and now Sanders is out on D so I can see the Jags doing better at ball control running.
Addai is looking like a great buy-low target next week, if he's coming off a third straight subpar game, and facing a bye in week 4.


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