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Gurley Handcuff? (1 Viewer)

Brown but it will be more of a RBBC and not a bellcow situation

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This is a really tough one. I too have Gurley and at the moment am holding both(big bench), but hate to and would like to drop one. My gut tells me Kelly would take over but Brown has done a decent job in the past. If I had to choose one I’d probably go with Brown just because of his experience. 

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I think it would be Kelly if Gurley were to go down for the season.  I think they like Brown for in game breaks because he has been there longer but if Gurley was out for an extended period Kelly will get a shot to be the guy.   I have no evidence....just a gut feel.  Could be indigestion though as I had a big lunch.

I think it would be Kelly, and the entire Rams offense would be downgraded several clicks if Gurley ever went out.

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