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Halfway point: 5 things you were dead right/wrong about (1 Viewer)

Dead Wrong
4. Andrew Luck - thought he would be elite this year....and now losing Wayne...mmmmm going to be tough sledding the rest of the way
WCOFF scoring has Luck at #13 @154... Rodgers @ #6 with 176 is a 22 point delta. The year isn't over yet, regardless of Wayne's injury, so I doubt this qualifies as a "dead wrong" pick based on ADP.


1. Had a gut feeling about Moreno. Gutsy all-out player who is reaping the rewards of all his hard work. Hear that Shady?

2. Pats offense would collapse. As a Pats fan, saw that one coming a mile away.

3. Peyton Manning would have a record setting year. Great talent, smart, with the best weapons in football.

4. Jimmy Graham would be worth a first round pick. Best value in fantasy football I my opinion. Actually, I am comfortable calling him the best player in the NFL.

5. Andrew Luck would be a top 5 QB. Could be #1 by end of the season. He's got it all.


1. Doug Martin and C.J. Spiller. Thought both would emerge as the top young RB's in football.

2. Houston Texans defense. Putrid.

3. Jordy Nelson could stay healthy. But the season ain't over yet ; )

4. I thought Aaron Rodgers would be better. But injuries have really hurt the offense.

5. Lamar Miller. Nice runner, but the guy is allergic to the end zone.

Dead wrong: Daryl Richardson/Peade (actually the entire team of St Louis), Sidney Rice, and so far, Frank Gore (thought he'd hit the wall)

Dead right: Keenan Allen could be the best WR in this draft class, Jermichael Finley would be hurt by midseason, option QBs would struggle


Jordy being a huge value play while people paid high for Cobb.

Wanted Graham and Calvin everywhere I could get them.

Forte would be a beast in my ppr league.

Gore still being solid.

Went after Lacy as an RB3 in every league I could get him.


Sproles and D.Richardson...Sproles still doing a little here and there...but felt great with them as my 2 and 3 in ppr. Thankful I took a flier on L. Bell as people were trying to fill other positions.


Cobb...though people were paying too much for him...sure they get burned by the injury...but the guy was a stud and worth the price of his draft pick while he was playing.

biggest on...3 leagues I took Trent Richardson...ugh!!!

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- Alfred Morris is a dud.
He's a low-end RB2 who was drafted as a high-mid RB2.
He was a top 10 dynasty back going into this season. I think people were expecting more than 12 points a game from him.
He certainly wasn't top 10 in redraft. I agree that he has underperformed, but when I look at the carnage at RB, I wouldn't feel bad if I got him in the mid-second (though I rarely did).He was in the CJ2K, SJax, R. Bush, Sproles, D. Wilson tier. Only Bush was a clearly superior option in retrospect.

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Dead wrong:

CJ Spiller- Thought he was a top 5 guy and would possibly finish in top 3 of RBs. Things just haven't clicked and he's had to deal with the dreaded high ankle sprain last few weeks

Peyton Manning's pure dominance - I thought he would have a pretty good year but not his record breaking pace he's on. I took Cam Newton over him

Dead right:

WR dominance- I took Calvin Johnson in the 1st and Dez Bryant in the 2nd . current #1 and #2. Who knows how deep Johnson's rabbit hole will go

Josh Gordon- took a flyer on him in later rounds and recieved a couple chuckles when I made the pick. He's the current WR15 with two 0's in that average

Eric Decker - Grabbed Decker on the cheap and he's paid off. Was able to flip h for some RB help. Lots of ppl were down on him saying Welker would make him a 3rd wheel.. Not so much

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