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Handcuff to Lynch and T. Richardson (1 Viewer)


I pick 7th in my draft

12 team Serpintine draft

I am hoping to get Richardson or Lynch

I know Lewis is gone for the year and there seem to be 2 RB in Sea behind Lynch

Who should I target for a handcuff?

Thanks in advance for the help


No one outside of the Seahawks and Browns will be able to reliably answer this question.

7 seems early for lynch but i guess christine michael or robert turbin

and I dont think Dion is out for the season, but probably dont need to draft him and could just pick him up during the year if you feel the need

Christine Michael = stud, stud, stud If Lynch goes down, or get's in more trouble, they won't miss a beat with Michael.

I live in Ohio, and the Browns are anyone's guess.


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