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Has anyone played in a Parallel League? Two leagues playing each other. (1 Viewer)


  Hey guys, 

    I'm looking for new ideas for our league next year. We have played in a 16 team PPR league for 14 years now. Love it. But Its time to check out new ideas.  

I was looking at a few of them and would love to hear from you guys on adding to these thoughts. Maybe some of you have something to add or know what I could be looking at. 

1. Changing our Defensive Teams points. How to make it more fun watching Defenses without playing in a IDP league

2. Add Offensive Lines as a roster spot. How to put a point system together. 

3. Adding teams to our league, and have a Parallel League where you maybe have 10 on each side. Has anyone played in one and how did it work? Love to hear some of these ideas. 

Thanks guys. 



I'm in a redraft league that is 10 10 team leagues (similar to the Scott Fisch Bowl). You just have to get creative with playoff scheduling since it involves more than just 1 league.



I'm in a redraft league that is 10 10 team leagues (similar to the Scott Fisch Bowl). You just have to get creative with playoff scheduling since it involves more than just 1 league.
Hey, thanks for getting back to me. How was the league?  How did you do the drafts, and I guess each player could be picked by each league? 



I've been running one league for over 20 years now and I have found it to be essential to keep tweaking the rules over the years to keep things interesting. My guys swear that it's the best league that they have ever been in, but it's not traditional to say the least. Here are some of our big changes throughout the years:

1) We switched to doubleheaders about 15 years ago.

2) Around the same time, we started doing an NFL tournament. We put aside about $400 for a tournament based on the NFL Playoffs. We keep 3 players from the regular season and then do a draft the week before the NFL playoffs start. It extends our league for another month. We started with 10 teams qualify for the tournament, but we're down to 8 in recent years. It gives teams incentive to keep playing at the end of the season because everyone wants to make the tournament. Now we do it with the top 7 teams make and the last team is the highest scoring remaining team over weeks 12-14.

3) We switched to auction drafts about 13 years ago. Everyone loved it. It's a draft that we do in person. People will fly in for it.

4) A couple of years later, we added an online snake draft a week before our auction draft where we would draft Defenses, Kickers, IDPs, and lower ranked QBs/RBs/WRs/TEs. Basically it got people excited for the league a little earlier than the draft. 

5) We introduced blind bids for our live auction draft. We've done anywhere from 12-24 players in a blind bid format. It's probably everyone's favorite part of the draft.

6) We started doing IDPs about 15 years ago. Anywhere from 1-3, sometimes flex, sometimes position specific.

7) We started out standard scoring the first year and moved to  .5 ppr. We've doing 1 ppr and 1.5 ppr for TEs for the past 5 years or so.

8 ) We do blind bidding waivers, but we award $10 per team for every NFL pick against the spread correct. 

9) For years we had 4 playoff spots. For the past 5 years, we moved to 5 teams. All five play in week 15 and the 2 highest move to the Fantasy Bowl plus the next 2 play for 3 third place. This year, we mixed things up again by having 3 teams advancing to the Championship round with the combined scores in weeks 15 and 16 to determine first, second, and third. Why? Just to try something different.

10) We switched to Victory Points a few years ago. Now every game matters on MNF. You might only get 1 or 2  addditional VPs depending if you finish top 4, middle 4 or bottom 4. 

10) This year we switched to best ball scoring. It's been the greatest thing ever. Fournette goes down in the first quarter? Well no problem as long as you have depth on your roster to score more than he did. No more wrestling for an hour on which five players to use for your second flex spot. Now every player on your roster matters. While we give up weekly line-up strategy, now we have to come up with strategy about managing your roster. Should you carry 2 defenses or kickers? 2 or 3 QBs? Just one? How many IDPs?  Do you drop a player that might help you long-term for a short term help that might help you win a game or get an additional Victory Point? Do you try to get a player that plays on MNF or SNF so that you can drop him Sunday in case you need help in scoring at another position. eg Let's say that your 1 kicker only scored 3 points. Do you drop a player to get the kicker on the Sunday or Monday night game? Or maybe you do it early because you have better options during the earlier games. You constantly have to monitor your roster during the weekend. Plus, everyone has more players going, so more players to watch and that impacts the results of your games plus everyone's games and those impact your victory points. It's definitely non-traditional , but we all love it so far.

We've never discussed using an o-line or a parallel league (not yet anyway). We always have a league rules meeting to kick off the league in early August. We tend to do some minor tweaks to the scoring system or some bigger changes like those listed above. It's not for everyone. I realize that some people prefer stability and tradition. Our rules changes just helps keeps things fresh for us. 



I'm in a 12 team parallel league (two separate 12 team leagues that play each other in the championship). I honestly think you should consider IDP. It's a blast. It sounds scary and complex but it isn't. It's just another really fun addition to your league. I play in some leagues that just have a team defense and they're fun, but I enjoy IDP a lot more. 

I've done oline scoring before but have yet to find a way to set it up that made it a worthwhile endeavor. 

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Hey, thanks for getting back to me. How was the league?  How did you do the drafts, and I guess each player could be picked by each league? 
That's correct, each division is a 10 team league with one set of NFL players. Each 10 team division is run as an individual league on ESPN until the playoffs (for us starting week 13). The draft for each league is also handled on ESPN. Starting in week 13, the top 2 teams from each league/division advance to a super playoff. 



We do a 2 12 team leagues that runs as two leagues until the playoffs.  

Realtime sports can handle it on their platform.


Dave Stauff

24 team (12 per conference - one copy of each player per conference) - play, including playoffs, remains in conference until the championship game.  When this all started in 2003, I worried that there would be too many of the same players facing each other in the championship, but this has not proven to be the case.



Thanks guys, Awesome information. We use MFL for the past 12 years and have been a league for 14.  

   There are a few things I like to change ( I run the league), but with out great info. It would be tough to push through. 

We play in a 16 team league now and it's really good. But so many friend want join and I was wondering how I could make that happen. 

I have another question I want to put out there. Has anyone used a Team Offensive line as a starting position?  Wonder if there is a good point system for this. 


Jedi Knight

We run a Team Offensive Line.  Scoring is as follows:

Passing and Rushing Yards- .05 pts each
Sacks allowed:
  0 = 20 pts
  1 = 15 pts
  2 = 12 pts
  3 = 7 pts
  4 = 5 pts
  5+ = 0 pts
Offensive Points- .7 each
First Downs- .4 pts each

This will give you an average of about 55 pts a game, a top end of around 65-70 PPG and a low end of about 38 PPG.  You can lower the points to get to a lower PPG Avg.  Teams are allowed to have up to 3, but only one can start.  Having one of the top 3 can be a good advantage.


Mr. Irrelevant

IBL Representative
Thanks guys, Awesome information. We use MFL for the past 12 years and have been a league for 14.  
I slag on MFL quite a bit and with good reason, but for unique league formats or scoring systems, it's the best game in town.

I'm trying to parse what you're hoping to do with two parallel 10-team leagues. Would you have them play only within leagues, only across leagues, or both (like AL/NL with interleague play in baseball)? If the latter, you could make a perfectly balanced schedule in a 14-week regular season by using doubleheaders: each team plays their leaguemates twice and the other league once = 28 games = 2 games a week * 14 weeks. You could then qualify 9 teams for the playoffs across both leagues (top 3 in each league plus 3 wild cards - I would award those based on best remaining record, points, and All-Play record, but that's just me) and continue the doubleheaders in weeks 15-16 so that there are 3 semi-finals of 3 teams followed by a 3-way championship.

Man, now I really want to try that idea out in one of my leagues. Unfortunately I'd have to find a way to recruit 8 new teams, which sounds too much like work.  :lol:


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