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Help with Auction Draft Targets (1 Viewer)


12 Team Half-PPR Auction Dynasty. Roster 15 to 18 players.
Start: 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1D, 1K.
ALL Rookies are available via draft.

Team and Best Available are below. Who would you target to bolster the team? Any veteran guys available or focus on some rookies (who?). I have $42 to spend in cap space ($200 cap).

QB: Mahomes, Cousins
RB: Chubb , Javonte Williams, MGIII
WR: Michael Thomas, Sutton, Waddle, Tee Higgins, Pittman Jr.
TE: Andrews, Smith Jr.
K: Matt G.

Best Available:
ALL ROOKIES are available
QB: Wentz, Tannehill, Ryan
RB: Elliott, Patterson, Gibson, Jacobs, Robinson, Gaskin
WR: Evans, Lockett, Cooper, Boyd, Hopkins, Gage
TE: Knox

Keith R

The Don
Based on your roster, WR talent and RB depth should be your focus. Evans is far and away the best vet available and I am liking Olave as a rookie to target as a fallback. I do also like quite a few of the RB rookies this year. I don't know how many spots you have to fill but I would break the bank for a WR, spend decently on a rookie RB and go $1 for all remaining spots.

ETA - looks you need to fill 3-6 spots. I prefer quality over quantity, so I would spend $1 on your D and put the rest into WR/RB as outlined above
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Definitely go with $1 defense for sure. After that I would try and spend the rest on rookies as your vets are in good shape for the future. Try and keep strong by bringing in younger talent. Aging vets are always easy to acquire in season.

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