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Hey There Delilah - Moments In Unfettered Emo (1 Viewer)


Blame the "similar threads" that appear at the bottom of every thread (along with me not noticing the date)

I figured it was the similar threads and didn't know if the date had gone unnoticed or if there was just a will to comment on it. Thanks, ignatius. By the way, was thinking of you and how very un-politically correct that book is the other day. The humor is fit to be decried these days. Anyway, threadbump.
Yeah, I'm almost afraid to reread it and have my memories of it ruined
For years I thought you were some old wise man like wikkid, only recently learned you are just a young wise man in his 40s. Your posts bring a lot to the board, I appreciate you.

Wow, thanks, Bozeman. Every so often and out of the blue you get a compliment that makes your day. Consider yours my daymaker.

I was going through a problem with alcohol when I posted the Bingham thing. This board helped me to address it and kick the habit. People here didn't even know that I was taking them so seriously that I was quitting, but it happened anyway.

Whiskey has been
The thorn in your side
It doesn't forget
The highway that calls your heart inside

Thank God it no longer does that. Even though that is tenuous and precious and I'm not perfect, I no longer drink. At all. Four years and two months.

Every bit of that song is regret and heartbreak, and I went through it and am still going through it, too.
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I lived in Europe in the '90s, and while I wasn't in the UK, I got enough exposure to its culture to gain an appreciation for pop music as an art form. Growing up in the States in the '80s, calling a song "Top 40" was like the worst insult imaginable. As a teenage boy, I felt like it was my sacred duty to hate groups like Milli Vanilli and New Kids and even the Beastie Boys (obviously, the first two were no-talent a## clowns, but it was ultimately the fact that they were popular that made me hate them). I remember feeling like the Spin Doctors were my little secret during my freshman year of college (the lead singer had gone to my high school), and then getting sick of them the following year when they were all over MTV. Even as they grew more popular, bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam struggled to convey to us that they didn't really want to be popular

Thankfully, the British attitude toward pop has become more prevalent here in recent years. Justin Timberlake went from being a typical boy-band doosh to a legit musician, and even people like me who aren't fans of Taylor Swift recognize she's a talented singer-songwriter.

All of which is to see I can hear a song like "Hey Delilah" and recognize it's a catchy but ultimately meaningless pop song without feeling like I have to give any additional weight to it
I was drinking close to a fifth of bourbon a night when you made that Bingham post. Probably why it hit me the way it did. I haven't given up drinking for life but have only had 1 can of beer since Jan 2, we'll see what the future holds.

Congrats to you, man. Forget that you’ve had one beer—that’s so huge that you’re moderating/abstaining. I hope for the best for you in your endeavors and experiences. Truly mean that, Bozeman. Any time you want to PM me—if you need an ear or are feeling squirrelly—feel free to do so. I have little but platitudes because so many wiser than me grasp those platutudinal powers and strengths. So keep it simple and basic, tried and true. You’ll know what to do. Best to you.

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