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How do I buy a domain name (1 Viewer)


How do I check and purchase domain names so that I have the most ownership possible of said domain name?

Thanks in advance.
I use NameCheap (GoDaddy is good too) to search domain names. If it's not available it'll suggest some alternatives that are available, or give you the market price if it's for sale on the secondary market. Doesn't matter where you purchase it. Once you register it, it's yours, and can be transferred to any web hosting provider to connect a website.

ETA: I've found them to generally be around the same price no matter where you buy the domain names. I know NameCheap has a promo from time to time for "new customers" giving a % discount or flat fee for your first domain name. GoDaddy et al. may also. Something to check for that might save you a few bucks.
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