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How Do I Manage So Many Teams? (1 Viewer)


The outfit I write for posted a free video I made this week (and will do another short one as the weekend unfolds) about how I manage such a large portfolio of teams. I've talked about it in various threads but I spend ~10-15 hours each week managing my 65 teams. This is largely an exercise in how one might use spreadsheets, but nonetheless it is free content on our site. As of this morning's kickoff I am at 8.0 hours on the dot for the week. I'll put in another 2-4 hours before Sunday kickoff. To me that seems reasonable in comparison to the amount of time I am guessing most people spend on this hobby. Note I'm not including time where I'm just dicking around on social media and such. And this week has been my busiest in months in terms of trades, which I *am* including in my time.

Anyway check it out if you feel like it. Probably not the most riveting but you might find it entertaining or even educational. IDK. https://dynastyfootballfactory.com/ffpc-high-volume-team-management/

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