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How Does Jerry Sullivan, WR Coach, Fit in With (1 Viewer)


WR COACH: Jerry SullivanOL COACH: Alex Gibbs, Hudson HouckRB COACH: Maurice CarthonQB COACH: Jim CaldwellTE COACH: Mike TiceDL COACH: Art Shell? LB COACH: Mike Singletary, Jack Del Rio (if Jax canned him)DB COACH: Eric ManginiST COACH: That guy Jax hired who everybody said was the bestK Coach: Morten Anderson, Gary AndersonP Coach: Ray GuyOffensive Coordinators: Mike Martz, JIm Fassell, Al SaundersDefensive Coordinators: Rivera, Lovie, Greg WilliamsIn today's NFL, parity is at an all time high. We saw the trade of a head coach, Gruden, for 1st and 2nd Round picks. If I were a franchise owner (and incredibly rich, which I guess you are if you are), I'd hire the absolute best position coaches, coordinators, and head coaches I could. I'd corner the market. I'd pay a premiere Coordinator canidate Coordinator money to be my position coach. I'd pay Coordinators mid level head coaching salaries. What did we just see the Skins' do? They paid Greg Williams roughly 3 mill a season to STAY as the DC.Paired with an awesome front office, which I'd run the same way, this would be the absolute best investment you could make in your team. You'd be a winner, you could build a really big stadium to compensate for the excess costs involved. The salary cap is fixed, almost every team pays it's players roughly the same amount. However, you don't have to pay your coaches the same amount.


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