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How many of you 0-2'ers out there still like your team? (1 Viewer)

PR Sparty

Are you still convinced your team is one of the better in your league?

McNabb, Ben, Warner, LT, J. Lewis, Young, Perry, Felix, Wayne, Fitz, Vincent, Winslow, Prater, etc...

QB Cassel, Matt NEP 4 MIA

QB O'Sullivan, J.T. SFO 9 DET

QB Orton, Kyle CHI 8 TBB

QB Russell, JaMarcus OAK 5 @BUF 5

RB Bradshaw, Ahmad NYG 4 CIN

RB Drew, Maurice JAC 7 @IND

RB McGahee, Willis BAL 2 CLE

RB Morris, Maurice SEA 4 STL

RB Perry, Chris CIN 10 @NYG

WR Edwards, Braylon CLE 5 @BAL

WR Fitzgerald, Larry ARI 7 @WAS

WR Johnson, Andre HOU 2 @TEN

WR Jones, Matt JAC 7 @IND

WR Stallworth, Donte' CLE

TE Crumpler, Alge TEN

TE Olsen, Greg CHI

TE Rosario, Dante CAR

K Kasay, John CAR

DT Green Bay Packers GBP

DT San Diego Chargers SDC

Start 2QB league. I'm not loving my team by any means, but I still think it'll get me into the playoffs where anything can happen. Still a long season of trading and WW too. I'm feeling okay about 0-2 with this squad. Gotta work out my RB situation pronto though. Pts from McGahee would help.

10 team redraft:






C. Johnson



Roy Williams

Andre Johnson







I've played the highest scoring teams both weeks now. I still love my chances going forward.

Yep still like my team a lot, just played 2 teams who both went off. Sucks but typically at least one 8-6 team gets in the playoffs so I'm very optimstic. :goodposting:

10 team redraft:BreesKitnaPalmerLynchParkerC. JohnsonPortisPerryRoy WilliamsAndre JohnsonHoltWhiteGageWalkerKaedingJagsI've played the highest scoring teams both weeks now. I still love my chances going forward.
Yep, you're fine. As long as you don't ignore the pink elephant over there in the corner that is you WR's, you'll be in good shape come playoff time.

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