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I hope its not too early to call BROWNS DST (1 Viewer)


DE-O. Roye

NT- Ted Washington (FA)

DE-A McKinley

OLB-Willie McGinest (FA)

ILB- A Davis

ILB- draft or FA

OLB- Chaun Thompson

CB- Gary Baxter

CB- L Bodden

S- Pool


This unit did ok last season with no NT, no pass rush OLB and numerous injuries on the D. In addition the offense couldn't stay on the field to spell the D.

This season we add the mammoth T Washington to eat blockers and W McGinest to bring sacks.

Also we add two upgrade O-linemen in Bentley and Shaffer, a clutch WR in Jurevicious and get back our injury ridden playmaker Winslow.

I smell playoffs and a very good sleeper fantasy defense.


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