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IDP Rookie Big Board (1 Viewer)

Joe Bryant

Staff member
Sorry, forgot to call this out a few days ago when it dropped.

IDP rookie drafts are either underway or on the horizon. Our Kyle Bellefeuil and Joey Haggan help you see how this class stacks up and where to find potential value.

I know folks love seeing the rookie class through this format.
I prefer the IDP / combined rookie board which meshes up the IDP with the offensive players not sure how many people play in IDP only format if any.
So that was also out and in time for my IDP rookie draft which started on Friday so that was nice.
Just really wish the offensive only big boards came out before the FFPC rookie drafts since FFPC starts just 1 week after the NFL Draft.
Also shout out to Jene who used to do these boards we miss you Jene you were great at them !
Thanks for the feedback on these. LIke we do with all feedback, we'll try our best to accommodate where we can and will see about getting them earlier for next year.

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