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.5pts for solo and assisted tackles 3pts sacks and int., 2pts for fumble rec. and forced fumbles, 6pts for tdsHave to start 3IDP can start four if use one as flexD.Edwards,P.Kerney, O.Thurman, L.Fletcher, R.HarrisonWhere do I try to improve or do I keep what I have.Thanks for your help.

Edwards and Harrison are among the elite at their position. Play them.Kerney is solid, but needs help. When Coleman was out last year to take the pressure off, he sucked. As long as Coleman plays (he's not hurt - just making the observation) Kerney is good to go. Fletcher is & Thurman should be good tackle guys. If I had to play one, I'd go with the fomer until Odell shows he can play.


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