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If you had this dynasty team would you? (1 Viewer)

Shady Commish19

Hi All - 

I've agonized over this a little but figured I would look to the board for some help.

Fourth year of a 14 team Superflex Dynasty (I've lost in the final 3 years straight). 9 active and 9 bench

Team: Rodgers / Chubb / Mixon / AJ Brown / Pittman / Waller / Cooks / Waddle / Lamar Jackson with Lockett, MVS, Juju, Dillon, Rondale, C-Patt, Meyers and James Robinson on the bench. If Robinson starts IR, I have an empty spot.

When we have our four round rookie draft I would need a drop a guy above but I am picking at the 13, 27, 41 and 55 slot. Does it make sense for me to package all four draft picks for a higher pick in the first round and drop (Meyers?) or would you look to be trading any one here to make room for rookie picks?

Thanks in advance.



I would put both options out there and see what the market dictates as your best return.  

Guys I wouldn't have any issue of dropping would be C-Patt, Meyers, and even MVS/JuJu depending on who you are getting.   Also, you only listed 17 guys so that seems like you should have another spot available as well.  


Shady Commish19

You're right - I had left out Pringle, Cephus and Huntley as cut candidates but if Robinson is on the IR I do actually have two spots open.

Agreed on Meyers and MVS ~ Patterson and Juju may have some shred of trade value.



I agree that it always makes sense to see what the alternatives might be on the trade market.   I would be pretty tempted if someone was willing to pay for the name of AJB or James Robinson without commanding a substantial injury discount.    With that said, I think Meyers is easily the default drop here if no other options emerge on the trade market.  I'm assuming that Cephus, Pringle, and Huntley are already on the way out.   They should all be cut before Meyers.   Meyers has enough value that I would at least take a look at some of the other players other teams are keeping to see if they might be willing to take him for a mid-late future pick. 

I definitely want to see who steps up between MVS and Juju.   I think C-Patt has more than a shred of value, but definitely a guy I would love to cash out on from any RB desperate team.   I think the #13 has more value than Meyers.   However, I would burn #27 / #41 / #55 before I cut any of the other guys loose just to make the pick, so send those picks out for a future asset if you can.    I doubt that you're moving up too far from the #13 by packaging all of them together, but there's no harm in trying.


Shady Commish19

Thanks for the reply. You are correct. No one seems to be biting to allow me to move up in the first round for all of my picks. I was offered #4, but he wanted Mixon or Chubb back and that was a no go. Cephus, Huntley and Pringle are all on the way out....leaving me one extra spot, two if Robinson is on the IR and that's with keeping Meyers whom I doubt has much trade value. Right now, looking at FYPD drafts going on - I think at #13 I am landing a Cook or Raachad White, and if I can get Wandale or Zamir White at 27 ~ I may just keep the picks. Interesting thought on moving AJ Brown though. I may float that out there.



I think the trade offer dilutes so no takers.  Consider trading Meyers for 3rd or 4th. Blatant other team win or just doesn't matter. Then bundle 3rd,4ths to trade up to 2nd? Including CPatt as needed his value not long term. 

We have many similar players. I like your squad. I've thought about trading AJB also did to physical play style possibly resulting in injuries. Just take a toll. Also doing it before we know what it's like in PHI while value still high vs down a tier.  I also own j. Jefferson, ajb, waddle, Godwin Rondale laviska Parris . I also own picks #2,4,10,13,14,16 so believe I'm well researched in early middle picks. Some value will fall. Also some FAs worth grabbing

Good luck


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