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Trade Collins and Aiyuk for Chase and other general suggestions. (1 Viewer)

Aiyuk vs Smith-Njigba Dynasty Long Term

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I’ve listed my current team below and I’m looking for general advice. This is a Deep Bench twelve team 1QB 1/2 PPR dynasty league. I’ve traded away a number of future picks to get to where I am and perhaps I should just settle but I’m always looking for ways to grab elite talent. I’ve also somehow lost two in a row (5-5) byes+ weak bench are killing me. Any general suggestions welcome, would you trade away any combination of my roster for an elite player? IE: Jefferson, Chase, Lamb. If so, who? My initial thoughts were Collins and Aiyuk, though I’m not sure it would be accepted.

Qb: Lamar Jackson
RB1: Breece Hall
RB2: Bijan Robinson
WR1: AJ Brown
WR2: Amon-Ra St Brown
WR3: Jaylen Waddle
Flex 1: Brandon Aiyuk
Flex 2: Nico Collins
TE: Kyle Pitts
Bench: Deshaun Watson, Justice Hill, Darius Slayton, Rondale Moore, Rashod Bateman, various other stinkers.
To answer your general question of "trade away any combo for an elite player" that answer is always yes. The trick is figuring out the combo.

I have no idea how or what to offer because I have no idea what your opponent's teams look like or what the like to trade for. I doubt seriously that Collins/Aiyuk would get you Chase in a dynasty league. You can try floating that out there but I would assume it will get declined and you may get a not so nice response back. But I don't know your league. Maybe that is something that people go for but it seems that Chase is one of the most highly coveted dynasty assets out there in most rankings. So I would think more would be needed to pull that off.
I appreciate the response. With it being such a deep league the issue would be giving two for one I then have to play someone like Darius slayton every week. The pro being gaining an elite player. Trying to work on a two for two now.
It might happen! Collins, Aiyuk, a 2026 2nd and a 2026 4th. Too much to get an elite player? Forces me to put rashod bateman or rondale Moore into the lineup..

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