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I'm starting Kenbrell Thompkins week one over __________ (1 Viewer)


I do have him on a couple teams, but WR is so deep that he's a 5th receiver and a purely speculative hold early on.

I own him in a few leagues, but will not be starting him in any.

I have better options as everyone who owns him should, if not you're in a bad situation. He better not be anyone WR3 at this point.

It's either your dyno team is weak or you had a bad redraft.

I've got him in over Chris Givens and Cordarrelle Patterson as WR3 in a 16 team league. Granted it has more to do with Givens playing against Arizona and Peterson or he would be on the bench with Patterson.

I may start him over Colston and Shorts. Buffalo's #2 and #3 CB spots were already awful. When Gilmore got hurt, their starting CBs immediately became the worst in the league by a good margin. Byrd will end up helping contain Amendola while the #2 and #3 WRs for NE could have monster games. I'm talking 120+ yards and a TD being easily in reach.

Bills' secondary is a disaster. Start all Patriots. Only thing to worry about is BB calling off the dogs.....oh, yea, nothing to worry about.

Starting him over Jordy Nelson (coming off knee surgery and playing San Fran) and Chris Givens. I think this week may be the best week to give him a start against the Bills.

He or Jared cook as my flex with an injury to my predicted flex RB.

Oddly enough as someone that watched many Titans games I have more of a show me first attitude toward Cook than KT.

I would have to sit Demeryus Thomas or Brandon Marshall to play thompkins. Not ready to do that but I am already fighting the "lets be sneaky" bug....

I have to choose BW thompkins, Ingram, vereen, Vincent brown, hartline, t. Austin in my non ppr flex.

I have vereen in now but yeah I'm considering it. Every one of te other players have question marks as well so why not go with the receiver who has Tom Brady throwing him the ball?

These threads are immensely helpful for those tough lineup decisions. It great to see where everyone's head is at on specific players week to week and how they stack up against other players in their category (other flex plays, etc).

Always enjoy these.

Flexing him in PPR over Lacy (brutal matchup at SF) and Bernard (quasi tough matchup at CHI, unclear role/usage in week 1). I may regret the Bernard choice but playing it safe with the starting WR catching balls from Brady against a terrible secondary. Also over Vincent Brown.

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On my phone so hard to link all the Rotoworld blurbs but was nervous with the news that the WR2 spot may be by committee but now loving the projection that Dobson will be inactive. Start Thompkins with absolute confidence!!!

These threads are immensely helpful for those tough lineup decisions. It great to see where everyone's head is at on specific players week to week and how they stack up against other players in their category (other flex plays, etc).

Always enjoy these.

I'm on the fence with KT and Tavon in 1ppr. Also 1 point for every 20 return yards. Was leaning KT but with the news that Dobson is inactive, still teetering...

As of right now I have him plugged in over James jones, Tavon Austin, Vincent brown, and Hartline.

The news that bird and Gilmore are out plus Dobson might be inactive are solidifying my gut feeling that this is the right move.

He has the best matchup by far out of those players.

And lets not forget, Brady just watched Payton manning light up the nfl on Thursday night. He and Payton are fierce competitors with each other. I think he will want to do his best to light it up as well and buffalo is the perfect team for him to get truly acquainted with his new group of wrs.

These threads are immensely helpful for those tough lineup decisions
Which is why there's an Assistant Coach forum.
Yes but most of the wisest sharks don't even go into that forum very often.

Besides this thread is not asking for specific lineup advice. It's a thread that is asking for crowd think. For that you need a lot of people to answer, an that you need the SP for.

Watching the health of SEA's CBs, because if both starters play I'm going to go with Thompkins over S Smith. Already discarded Moore because of the probable Pryor start and Bradshaw due to likely limitations in a Colt blowout of OAK.

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Just plugged him in over James Jones, Greg Jennings, Greg Olsen, Ryan Broyles and Markus Wheaton for my WR3/Flex spot.

If there's any week to roll the dice on this kid, IMO, it's this week against Buffalo when their not so good to begin with secondary has been decimated by injuries. If New England somehow gets up 2-3 TDs by the half, well, its Brady/BB.. you don't have to worry about them taking their foot off the gas pedal.

*I also regret my decision to take Julius Thomas out of my starting lineup for Fred Davis/Greg Olsen earlier in the week, so I'm wanting to see if my other offseason sleeper can do anything for me in this dynasty league ha


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