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We have a twenty man league where we have to have just one defensive player on our roster. That player gets 1pt per solo tackle, sack, int, fumble recovery. Someone always pulls the trigger on Ray Lewis early in round 4 or so. The majority of people wait to there last picks in the draft to get there guys. Almost always- drafters focus on linebackers that make solo tackles. We get no points for shared tackles.Last year I waited until after the draft, came to footbally guys and read idp info. I decided to go with Nick Barnett and he was seviceable especially earlier in the year. Whould you recommend the same sort of action this year. Or should I gamble with an earlier pick on a player like Donnie Edwards who many think is in a league in his own. Mind you, our scoring system- 1pt per solo tackle the idp is a high scoring difference maker each week...Any thoughts...

One defensive player? :confused: What's the point? Seriously.Personally, I would wait until a couple of rounds before most teams typically draft their defensive player. That way, you don't waste a 4th round pick on a Ray Lewis-type player, but you still get a better player than you would if you just claimed a guy off waivers like you did last year.


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