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Increasing Your Chances Of Getting Help In The Assistant Coach (1 Viewer)

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Joe Bryant

Staff member
For 2017, one of the things we're going to try and do is make the Assistant Coach (AC) more useful. Listening to feedback from you guys, making the AC a subforum of the Shark Pool is how we're going to do that. 

Some thoughts:

  • Do some work yourself. Tell us which way you're leaning and what you see as the Pros and Cons of the deal / trade / move. If you're asking for someone to spend time helping you, show that you're invested too. Do as much background checking and research on the question as possible. Google is your friend. Don't expect others to do research for you here.
  • It's a two way street. Nobody likes anyone that always takes and never gives. If you're asking for help, do as much as you can to give back in ways you can. Maybe you're not as knowledgeable as you like and you can't give back with advice. But give back pointing users to helpful news articles about a player in question or just generally helping however you can. It's human nature to want to help the people that are seen as good folks.
  • Be as detailed as possible when asking the question. Every single question is almost entirely dependent on the context of your team, scoring system, league, situation, playing style and more. Give as much as you can. 
  • Polls are your friend. The Poll feature is by far the best way to get quick and easy feedback from others. 
For your best shot at having questions answered, do this:

1. State the offer / trade / question clearly.

2. Give as much detail on your situation as possible. Let us know your scoring system, league info, roster and more. 

3. Give the Pros and Cons of each player involved in the deal. Give past history. Give us the current situation with the players. 

4. Tell us which way you're leaning based on the Pros and Cons of #3.

5. Be appreciative of the feedback.

I get it, there are tons of questions and people asking for help. There are FAR more people with questions than there are people who have the time to help and answer. There will be lots of questions that are unanswered. But if you do these things, you'll increase the odds of having someone help. And very likely may come to a better understanding yourself as you work through the problem. 


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