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Is Haslam selling the Browns? (1 Viewer)


Teams that are about to get sold have fire sales. The owner guts the franchise to save millions before the sale. Happened to the Browns when Lerner drove them $25 million under the cap. Happened to the Astros before they got sold in baseball.

Haslam got in huge legal trouble for cheating customers out of money with his business. I don't know what is going on there but it could eventually cause the NFL to force him to sell.

I found numerous instances over the past recent months where the Browns made bizarre moves that all could make sense if they were trying to hold a fire sale / cut salary.

I did a little more digging looking for evidence that the Haslam has ordered a fire sale to prepare for selling the team.

1. The Browns are $25 million the cap and came up with some stupid reasoning as to why.


In my conversation with chief executive officer Joe Banner, this was his explanation:
"You have a new coaching staff, and we really feel like that between the free agents we signed and the draft picks, we pushed the limit of how many new people we wanted to integrate into a new organization with a new coaching staff all at once. That’s a big challenge to bring in that many people and get everybody integrated on the same page quickly. We actually feel like we pushed the envelope pretty aggressively."
2. Alex Mack is set to become a free agent at the end of the 2014 season. They have not even approached him on a contract extension. His agent is puzzled and now says they won't even bother talking contract until the year is up. So basically, Alex Mack is gone. They are simply not going to pay him.


The 6-4, 311-pounder said Saturday the team has not yet approached him about a contract extension, but that he hopes to remain part of the organization.

“I’m really happy here,” Mack said. “I’ve had great success with (offensive line coach George Warhop) and being with Joe Thomas and this offensive line is what I want. I think I’m a good player and that’s really what my goal was to be.

“At this point in camp, I’m here to work on football stuff. All of that stuff is going to be handled by agents and upstairs people. My goal is to not let that distract me.”

It’s hard to imagine the Browns not extending Mack, 27, who’s entering his prime years. While he was flagged nine times last season, he had another solid campaign, rating among the top-10 centers by Pro Football Focus.com. He also drew praise from perennial Pro Bowl nose tackle Haloti Ngata, of Baltimore, who labeled Mack one of his toughest opponents.

There's more going on here than trading Richardson. They traded Richardson, they aren't extending Alex Mack and are pretty much dumping him at the end of the season. They refused to pay Dawson and waited until the last second to sign a cheap kicker. And they are still $25 million under the cap with no signs of spending any money.

This is either a really cheap owner or Haslam is setting up a fire sale.
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They move to London.

In 2015 the Cleveland Browns reform, and an expansion team is added in LA - in this dystopian future, the Jaguars still exist.


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