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Isaiah Coulter- WR Houston Texans (1 Viewer)


Curious with the news of Fuller being suspended the rest of the season if this 5th rounder, that was just activated off of IR the end of October, becomes relevant. Here’s his draft profile..

PlayerProfiler ranking

NFL.com Draft Profile

LastWordOnSports Draft Profile

BleacherReport: Isaiah Coulter NFL Draft 2020 Scouting Report for Houston Texans’ Pick

Kyle Crabbs of the thedraftnetwork.com’s breakdown of Isaiah Coulter

Route Running - Like how he attacks off coverage with head fakes and deliberate intent to attack the blind spots in coverage. Has done well on deeper routes to snap and uncover, although his general burst through the top of his breaks can still use some touch ups to create more dynamic cuts.

Hands - His catch radius isn't ideal to match the rest of his length but I do think he shows soft hands in high point situations and when forced to extend and catch away from his body. He's fairly reliable if he's charged with going up with two hands to catch the football.

Contested Catch - He shows some effective hand fighting but does admittedly need to get more physical at the catch point and when pressing vertically down the field to create more separation. Curious to see how much of his success along the sideline has come by being bigger and faster than the competition.

RAC Ability - He's got modest upside here. Does well to break the angles of the first arriving defender and will do well to cut back into space and get back up to top speed fairly quickly in order to accelerate into space. He's not a killer in the open field, though — soft challenges can bring him down with relative ease.

Football IQ - For the FCS level, he brings a lot of attractive qualities to the table and has a surprising natural receiving skills for a small school prospect. Natural spatial awareness is a big plus and his ball skills allow him to uncover late in the rep, even when he's squeezed into the boundary.

Vertical Receiving - Wins a lot down the field — where his route breaks don't have to be so sharp and he can use his size/ speed to his advantage. Tracks the ball effortlessly and does a strong job of flashing his hands late to avoid tipping off the arrival of the football. Needs to play stronger to hold his line when pressing vertically.

COD Skills - He's smooth but not explosive here. I don't think he's as stale as his athletic testing might suggest he is — but he's sloppy at the top of hard angled route breaks and needs to cut down on extra steps to create more crispness to drive and attack grass when he needs to work back across his frame.

Speed - Pretty quick foot fire to get himself up to top speed and his long strides do well to gobble up grass and get him into the open field. He's not a raw burner but he's fast enough that he'll break pursuit angles after he's broken the first arriving defender. Closes cushion vs. off coverage effectively.

Competitive Toughness - Shows good effort at the catch point but will definitely need to get more assertive to use his size to his advantage. He's a work in progress from a functional play strength perspective, showed well at FCS level but there's plenty of room for improvement to act as an imposing presence on the boundary.

Blocking Skills - Foot mobility helps to mask for a lack of length — he should have no problem sliding and mirroring defenders to occupy the boundary. But he's not a super physical blocker and he doesn't have high end punch to pop and uproot cornerbacks at the line of scrimmage. 


Best Trait - Ball Skills

Worst Trait - Play Strength

Best Film - Virginia Tech (2019)

Worst Film - James Madison (2019)

Red Flags - None

Summary - Isaiah Coulter projects as a potential starter at the pro level. Despite his presence at the FCS level, Coulter shows excellent ball skills, sideline awareness and body control to contort and adjust to throws down the field. He's got a knack for big receptions vertically and will be an asset as a Z-receiver tasked with running vertical to challenge deep safeties. He's savvy at the catch point and does well to bump and separate late in the rep — but he'll likely need time to adjust to NFL corners.

Rotoworld Draft blurb on April 5th, 2020

Texans selected Rhode Island WR Isaiah Coulter with the No. 171 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Coulter's (6'2"/198) 4.45 40-speed helped him blaze FCS competition with ease at Rhode Island, but his 72/1,039/8 receiving as a true junior still takes precedence among small school wideouts. As The Athletic's Dane Brugler notes, Coulter also stepped up to the plate with 9/152/0 against Virginia Tech, 2/53/1 against Ohio, and 10/156/1 versus UConn in his three career games in FBS play. His athletic profile left a lot to be desired outside of straight-line speed, but Coulter did enough at Rhode Island to fight his way in front of scouts. The rest of his career will come to the coaching staff(s) that choose to develop him.


Joe Marino of the thedraftnetwork.com’s breakdown of Isaiah Coulter

Isaiah Coulter- Rhode Island WR

PROS: Appealing blend of size and speed. Showcases good deception as a route runner where he works to stack and create leverage. Impressive quickness into his route stems from his release. Illustrates good body control and concentration at the catch point. Can climb the ladder and go get it. Does well to extend his catch radius vertically. Hands and ball skills appear natural with the ability to track and pluck the football outside of his frame. Not electric but he’s decisive working post-catch to find additional yardage. Has a monster game against Virginia Tech. 

CONS:  Has a big transition to the NFL. So many of his contested grabs will be far more heavily challenged at the next level. Can be too patient and needs to “go get it”. Lacks a true late gear to the football. Was only an average separator at the FCS level. Agility, elusiveness and separation quickness don’t impress. Has to become more physical and improve his functional strength. 

BEST TRAIT - Body Control

WORST TRAIT - Separation Quickness 


Rhode Island wide receiver Isaiah Coulter made his share of big plays in college and looked like he belonged with the best of the best giving his performance against Virginia Tech. Coulter brings exciting hands, ball skills and body control to the table. With that said, Coulter has a big adjustment ahead of him to the next level and his lack of separation quickness and modest functional strength will present new challenges to be productive. Coulter has developmental appeal but he has an uphill climb ahead of him.

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“Coulter is expected to see more reps moving forward following news that Will Fuller has been suspended for the rest of the season, Aaron Reiss of The Athletic reports.
Last week, the Texans placed Randall Cobb (foot) on IR and cut Kenny Stills (quadriceps). The extended absence of Fuller should open to door for Coulter to finally get some tread in the Texans' offense, as he's vaulted to the No. 3 wide receiver spot on the depth chart behind Brandin Cooks and Keke Coutee. The rookie fifth-round pick was quite productive in his final season at Rhode Island, producing a 72-1,039-8 line over 12 games, but he hasn't had a chance to showcase his skills with the Texans. Coulter should make his NFL debut this Sunday against the Colts.“


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WTF? I could've sworn he had a thread. Can't find it on Google so here you go @whole-show, you can add it to the OP if you want

PlayerProfiler ranking

NFL.com Draft Profile

BleacherReport: Isaiah Coulter NFL Draft 2020 Scouting Report for Houston Texans' Pick

LastWordOnSports Draft profile

Rotoworld Draft blurb on April 5th, 2020
Thanks @The Frankman I’m not real sure how to add it to the op though other then copy and pasting it so I’ll just leave it. I know there’s some way to quote yours and add it to the op but can’t figure it out. Thanks again for all the info!

Thanks @The Frankman I’m not real sure how to add it to the op though other then copy and pasting it so I’ll just leave it. I know there’s some way to quote yours and add it to the op but can’t figure it out. Thanks again for all the info!
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Texans declared WR Isaiah Coulter, RB C.J. Prosise, QB Josh McCown, DE Nate Orchard, DT Andrew Brown, OT Charlie Heck and OG Njalte Froholot inactive for Week 13 against the Colts. 

We were hoping to see fifth-round rookie Coulter get a shot in Will Fuller, Randall Cobb and Kenny Stills' absence, but he's apparently not ready after missing the first half of the season with a neck injury. Keke Coutee, Chad Hansen and Steven Nelson will be needed for targets behind Brandin Cooks, while Jordan Akins should also see an uptick in looks. David Johnson (concussion) is returning, as well. 

Dec 6, 2020, 11:32 AM ET

Texans released WR Isaiah Coulter. 

Houston beat writers expected Coulter -- a fifth-round 2020 pick -- to see regular season playing time late last season, but it never materialized. Considered raw and unprepared, Coulter -- who missed time last year with a neck issue -- was always a long shot to make the Texans roster this summer. He had one target in the Texans' preseason game against Green Bay. Coulter could land on a practice squad this season. 

Bears signed WR Isaiah Coulter, formerly of the Texans.

A former fifth-round pick, Coulter used his 4.45 40-yard wheels to post a 72/1,039/8 line during his junior season at Rhode Island but failed to make an impact as a rookie. He appeared in just one game last year and was cut less than a week ago. Chicago has a relatively thin receiving room beyond Allen Robinson and Darnell Mooney. Coulter is far from a lock to make their final roster but, if he can parlay his speed into a minor role, he'll have a shot at sticking with them into the regular season.

- Aaron Wilson, Twitter

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Bears waived WR Isaiah Coulter.

The Texans took Coulter in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, but he missed time early in his rookie campaign with a neck injury and became a frequent healthy scratch once his ailment improved. A raw prospect coming out of Rhode Island, the Bears will likely get Coulter on their practice squad if he clears waivers. It hasn't been a great start to his career.

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