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J.Robinson, A.Kamara + D.Hopkins +P.Friermouth for D.Cook, L.Fournette + B.Cooks who gets the better deal? (1 Viewer)


Team A gets:
Dalvin Cook
Leonard Fournette
Brandin Cooks

Team B gets:
James Robinson
Alvin Kamara
Deandre Hopkins
Pat Friermouth

My current roster is:

QB) Tom Brady, Jimmy G

RB) Alvin Kamara, James Robinson, A.J. Dillon, Kareem Hunt, Mark Ingram,R.White

WR) j.Chase, C.Sutton, C.Godwin, D.Hopkins, D.J. Chark

TE) P.Friermouth, T.Higbee

Our league starts 1) QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1 Flex...It's a 1/2 pt ppr with a big emphasis on TD'S....

My thinking is that I might be gaining a little at rb and cooks can hold me over until Godwin is healthy. Hopkins does me no good for several more weeks.

Thanks in advance!


I go with the Robinson/Kamara side. Cook's injury is worrisome plus the Vikes aren't riding him like in years past.


Going to assume a re-draft league. I know it's been 4 days, but, if this was offered to me, I would have passed immediately. IMO, with having to start 2 RBs, I am keeping what I have. I am a Packer fan and still prefer Jones over Dillon (about a 60-40 split in production as I see it) especially in a re-draft. And assuming here too, I would not have drafted Hopkins for my roster, and found someone else that was equivalent. Again, IMO, in a redraft and knowing that a player is out for 6 weeks, I would have let someone else have him. And for me, Freiermuth would be the big "loss" if I traded him away.

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