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I drafted Jamal Lewis at 2.09 this year and was very happy getting him there back in August. Bruising running back that gets a lot of carries and is on a high powered offense...what's not to like, right? Well, it turns out his schedule is not to like. I haven't even started this guy yet this year because he plays probably the hardest run schedule in the league. Not good for your RB2.

Anyone else regretting your decision to take Lewis in your draft? What are you doing with him...he has no value right now so you can't even trade him. I guess the best thing to do is hold him and wait for the right matchup.

Cleveland plays Baltimore this week, who have the leagues #4 ranked run defense. Anyone have the balls to start this guy?

He actually has had decent success againt them, but that was last year when the offense was clicking and Anderson looked like an NFL QB.

He had 22 carries for 92 yds and 1 td and 23 carries for 64 and 1 td in the 2 meetings last year.

I would expect 23 carries for 64yd and 0 tds this week.

So who are you starting Lewis over this week? Or, who's the guy you are playing over him this week.

For me, I'm considering starting Pittman, S. Morris or even M. Bush over him.

In hindsight, maybe I didn't. But the Browns offense was looking good heading into this season. And Lewis has one of the best OL in the league, with no competition for carries.

In hindsight, maybe I didn't. But the Browns offense was looking good heading into this season. And Lewis has one of the best OL in the league, with no competition for carries.
I wouldn't give up on him just yet....Cleveland's offense is not going to look this bad all year.......once their offense gets rolling....JLew will get his points...That being said....glad the guy ahead of me picked JLew and saved me your pain....
I totally avoided this guy, his value was way to high. I can't explain why, it was mosyly insticts telling me not to take him.

I tried to explain it in a thread during the off-season and people killed me for it.... so I kept my mouth shut since.

I am starting him for the first time this week. Benching Grant for him. Baltimore played a terrible Cincy team in week one and then had a bye so I think it is a bit premature to come to the conclusion after the Cincy game that their defense is going to shut Cleveland and its running game down. I think the Cleveland offense will get the ball plenty of times this week since Baltimore has a weak offense. As a result, I think Lewis gets plenty of carries this week. That is why I am putting him in and expecting around 100 yards and a possible TD. The Cleveland line has to block a lot better, Anderson has to play better, and Edwards needs to start catching balls though if Lewis is going to come anywhere near last year's numbers though. If he struggles this week, then I am going to start worrying about him.

Long season... when the passing game gets going and I believe it will, things will open up. And more 1-2 yd. td's. Also, don't forget, Lewis is one of the best nasty, cold weather runners around so that means Nov. and Dec... Hopefully you're in position at that time.

Probably because so many draft publications listed Lewis as a top 15-20 back on the basis of his '07 numbers without looking at the bigger picture. Consider the four other Rbs selected in the first round of the 2000 NFL draft: Thomas Jones, Ron Dayne, Shaun Alexander and Trung Canidate. With few exceptions, the life of a feature back in the NFL is nasty, brutal and short.

I took Jamal at 4.10 in a 10-teamer. I didn't want him, but he was still there, I needed a RB, & he was the best value.

He has since fallen to RB4 on my depth chart & I'm now trying to package him w/ a WR2 for a WR1 type.

I don't see myself starting Lewis again unless it's due to injury or bye weeks. He'll have a few big games I'm sure, but I don't want to be predicting which those will be.

To answer the OP's question, I am starting Chris Johnson over him. I also have 2 other RBs I'd start over Lewis this week.

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I also took him at the end of the second round feeling that I got good value and have yet to start him. I have been starting Chris Johnson in his place.

I will unquestionably be starting him at points in the season when he plays some of the weaker teams against the run, but right now I am definitely wishing I had paid better attention to the schedule when I drafted him that early.

I was not high on Lewis coming into this year at all...interesting thing was that noone in my league seemed to be either. 12 teamer and Lewis went 5.08.

But if you look closely at his 2007, he came on at the end of the year no doubt, but with the exception of a couple of games (his 216 yard effort and his 4 TD effort where he still only managed 1.85 YPC)...he was not startable.

His end of the year stats were mostly built off below average or bad run defenses. That's why I viewed him as an RB3 where you play him depending on the match-up. I don't think he'll tank, but he should be used selectively.

I got him at 3.12 in a 12 team PPR. I'm certainly not giving up on him, CLE started out with a tough running schedule, but he'll ride the pine in favor of Turner and CJ3 til they get their stuff together. Lest ye forget, Cinci in wk 16.

I tried warning you all, the schedule the first half of the season is brutal, I think he's going to be a quality buy low midseason though. Hopefully you drafted accordingly and have good alternatives for now, if not - good luck and God speed.


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