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Tue, Oct 7 TE Jason Witten underwent an MRI on Tuesday on his right shoulder, which has been bothering him since early in the season.

According to Yahoo! Sports

I know this was a slight issue early on but thought he was over it. I can't afford to lose this guy, hoping that the MRI amounts to nothing.

I hope this helps. :goodposting:


Apparently on ESPN radio's The Michael Irvin Show this morning it was reported that Cowboys tight end Jason Witten had an MRI today on his shoulder.

Witten said, via a text message, that the report is false.

"I was fine," Witten said in the message. "Shoulder was, like, three weeks ago."

Now, this isn't to say Witten isn't still feeling the effects from a nasty shoulder injury suffered in Week 2, but there is no new additional "damage" that would require further testing.

And if it really is, maybe he should hurt it more often. He leads the NFL in receptions.

- Mac Engel

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He'd probably be among the last guys to worry about playing hurt - the guy is as tough as nails.

IIRC, he played through a broken nose in his rookie year.


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