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Jefferson Trade Advice - 10 Tm PPR Keeper League (1 Viewer)


Looking for some help to structure a trade. I’m 1-5 this season and in a league that only propose/accepts trades like McCaffrey for a 3rd string QB but think I can entice someone with Justin Jefferson. Is he worth a trade in a Keeper league and if so who should I go for. My weakest position is QB but now have a pretty big hole at WR and though my RBs were strong they either haven’t panned out or can put together performances in the same week.

Team: QB-Prescott, Stanford RB-McCaffrey, Hall, Stevenson, Wilson, Mitchell, R. Johnson WR- Jefferson, Ridley, Jeudy, Osborn, Njigba TE- Waller.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated
If you are at 1-5 it really doesn't make sense to trade your best keeper player in a lost year. How many keepers do you get and how long can you keep them? Is there a cost to keeping them (round lost, salary, etc)?
That’s what I was thinking, I just hate losing. We get 3 Keepers that we can hold indefinitely and they just hold the draft position they were drafted in.

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