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Jets Defense - Saleh says they've "embarrassed" first 6 QBs they faced... (1 Viewer)

Saleh walked back his comments - IMO he got caught up in praising his defense and not trying to tear down others unlike Payton. Saleh gets way too emotional but the players love that about him. Jets D is legit
I was reading the quote over the weekend and thinking "Did he really say that?" It's sort of hyperbole mixed with a tinge of arrogance. I've never been a big Saleh guy, though, so there's that baggage that I take going into whatever he says. I always wanted an offensive coach so that they didn't wind up with the situation they have now. I can take losing 34-31 but I cannot stand losing 15-10. It's just . . . it's unwatchable at times. Every first down feels like miracle. Other teams just rip them off handily and it seems like the Jets need every fiber of their being going to get one.

It's grunt football.

But back to the statement. I didn't see him walk it back, but if so, good on him for realizing that sort of thing can bite you later on.

And let's not forget that their defense DVOA is still 12th overall. This is not the Bears of '85, no matter who says what about that.
Meh, I get having to walk back comments like that in the media, because they take on a life of their own.

But, IMO, let him beat his chest a little. That was a huge emotional win for that team. Their D, once again, played outstanding football against one of the “elite” teams in the NFL, missing their 2 star CBs. They not only play great football, they are the best in the league at making adjustments in the 2nd half. Their Points Allowed in the 2nd half is other worldly.

To have them playing so well after it felt like the bottom dropped out of their world when Rodgers went down is a credit to him and all the players.

Plus, I know Jalen Hurts was embarassed by his performance, so a little call out in the media will only be good for him, and give him that internal fuel to find another level.
I'm not offended by it. He's always been a guy like this. Likes to fire his D up. If you walk the walk, you can talk the talk. He's solid coach that players for sure love to play for.
During an appearance Tuesday on NFL Network's Good Morning Football, Saleh said (h/t NFL Network's Mike Garafolo):
"The word 'embarrassed' was probably not the right choice of words for me at that time, but there's a lot of faith in our defense and [defensive coordinator] Jeff Ulbrich and how good a job he and the defensive staff do in terms of preparing guys every week and just doing everything we can to make quarterbacks' lives hell."

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