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JMJ in KC (1 Viewer)

There are currently only 4 ILB on the chiefs ( including JMJ), after they cut Zach Diles. Derrick Johnson is a lock at 3 downs. Akeem Jordan is slated to start at the other ILB spot, but will only be a 2 down player. (Houston and Hali at OLB will both be 3 down guys) Rookie Nico Johnson has a high ankle sprain.

If it were earlier in Pre season, I'd give JMJ a decent shot of beating out Jordan, but at this point, he's facing an uphill battle to earn playing time, unless Jordan sucks so bad they pull him. ( Which isn't out of the realm of possibilities)

Eventually, it's Nico's job, but either way, its a 2 down role, even if JMJ gets a shot.


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