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Josh Gordon owners what are you doing? (1 Viewer)


12 team PPR

I have Gordon and the idea of him catching balls from Tom Brady is enticing. But one slip up and he'll be gone, plus many mouths to feed in NE especially when Edelman comes back.

I've had a few teams trying to steal him all day with offers(like I didn't know the NE news).  I'm considering flipping him for a RB or WR with a less risky return.  What say you guys?

I'd expect last year Brandin Cooks numbers as his ceiling. If you are good with that keep him, if not trade him while the hype is high.

If this is a non dynasty or keeper league I would flip him. The patriots system is complex, many mouths to feed, and we do not know the extent of Gordons hamstring injury. See what you can get for him.


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