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Background: Auction Keeper league where you can keep up to two players from the previous season's roster. Any kept player costs the same as you spent on them last year + $5. Overall budget is $200. 

Roster (from '18-19 season):

Andrew Luck $5

Mark Ingram - $18

Jordan Howard - $40

Robert Woods - $9

Juju Smith-Schuster - $14

David Njoku - $8

Melvin Gordon - $60

Derrius Guice - $10

Courtland Sutton - $10

My thought is to keep Derrius Guice and one of Juju or Woods - or maybe keep both Juju and Woods and focus my '19-20 draft on RBs and QBs while others look for wide receivers. Thoughts? 

Based on the RB prices you have shown (Howard and Gordon) being very high it would be tempting to keep Guice at $15.  However, I am not sold that he will be fully healthy and with having only two keepers I generally treat it like a redraft.  Based on that I think I keep JuJu and Woods.  That's a very good start at WR that allows you to focus on RB and spend there. 

I think for me it would really come down to Starting requirements & is it PPR?  What is the QB price range looking like?  If the upper QB's avg $20+ then I I would be very happy paying $10 for Luck.  I Would also keep JuJu


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