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Kenjon Barner RB - Carolina Pathers (1 Viewer)


What are people's thoughts on this guy?

His ADP has been sneaking up in dynasty drafts, but is that warranted?

DWill has restructured, Stewart is the clear starter, Tolbert is still around for the odd carry, and Cam will continue to vulture goal line carries.

I liked this guys going into the draft, but the Panthers seemed like a poor landing spot, which turned even worse after DWill restructured.

Is Barner worst a late round flyer in startup dynasty drafts around #200 overall, where he is currently going?

I think he is worth keeping an eye on but with Williams re-signed I do not see much opportunity for him as the Panthers 4th option.

Long term he has some talent but hard to see him being worth a roster spot in anything less than 16 teams/40+ player roster.

His opportunity is pretty clear - Stewart gets hurt (he already is) and DeAngelo looks old (he already is, but doesn't necessarily look it). Granted Tolbert is there too but they're not going to load up shotgun with Tolbert. Granted he's a small RB and doesn't have feature upside, but its an offense where a small RB can get a good amount of touches. He's rosterable in 12x30 leagues. Saying he's not a top 500 player is laughable - have you seen the players available past the top 50 in a rookie draft this year. It's going to take something to happen to make him relevant, but given at least half of Houston's RB UDFAs will be rostered in those leagues, he's a comparable gamble.

I'd disagree that the CAR backfield is bad for fantasy. It is bad because it's a timeshare. But all 3 of their main cogs are closer to the end than we perceive, so I wouldn't count out a Mike Goodson redux happening.

One thing to keep in mind is that he is already 24. This impacts the evaluation in 2 ways: 1) he was older than the vast majority of his competition in college and 2) RB peak production usually comes at 25-26 so he only has a couple years until his physical skills are in decline. Is he rosterable in a 12x30? Sure, just not particularly excited about his prospects.

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I like his talent, but Carolina is a RB graveyard right now. Stewart is still relatively young, especially if you consider that he has less touches than most starting backs at his age. D-Will just took a paycut to stick around longer. They still have Tolbert, he's a fullback but still gets more touches than the average fullback and can play RB if injuries happen. Cam Newton is basically like a goal line back that limits everyone's TD potential and takes the upside out of owning any CAR RB even if injuries hit.


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