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Kolby Smith to start per Rotoworld and KC Star (1 Viewer)


Created separate thread from LJ Suspended. No LJ talk here.

Kolby Smith to draw the start in place of LJ

With Larry Johnson suspended Kolby Smith will be the Chiefs' starting tailback Sunday against the Titans. Jamaal Charles will play off the bench.

Charles may still end up with more touches, as he possesses a quicker first step and his speed could create problems for a heavy Titans front. Clearly, neither back is a desirable option, but Charles is a better bet for yards and catches. Smith is probably the slight favorite for goal-line carries. Oct. 16 - 4:08 pm et

Source: Kansas City Star

I should have figured... since I grabbed Charles from the WW.
Can this be worse than the CIN backfield? Yes there's a starter to be found. No, you don't want him, right?Maybe Charles can get around the corners? I don't see any good Fantasy starts in the KC backfield even if there's a clear starter.
Charles should see more looks in the passing game, and is a better matchup vs TEN because of his speed. I'm expecting pedestrian numbers from Smith even if he gets more carries. I feel that Charles will do more with less.

I grabbed him since I had a roster spot and I wanted to piss off the LJ owner - trust me, he deserves it. But, I don't think he should see the field except in the deepest of leagues.

If Brodie Croyle comes back and energizes the offense, and LJ spends a lot of time on the sideline, maybe he'll be valuable as trade bait, but I think his best use for my squad is to stick it to a fellow owner.


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