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last minute flex help (1 Viewer)


10 team ppr league...looking for help w/ flex...rest of the lineup is 

QB   rogers

RB   a. jones / conner

WR   thielen / brown

TE   kittle

FLEX   ????

the usual suspects are cook, grant(indy), brate, westbrook and dion lewis....I'm leaning towards grant since cook id being limited to 20 - 25 snaps...BUT...Arizona DEF does suck ### against the run...so do I run a flyer on cook or be safe with someone else...

thanks for the help!!!!

I'm guessing you mean Dalvin Cook here...?? I'd probably avoid him, the Vikings should probably just let him rest 1 more week. Grant has a pretty safe floor I feel like, especially with Hilton being limited at best.

I'd actually go Brate. Even with Howard back, Winston loves Brate, and he'll likely see some redzone targets.


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