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Late round QB Keeper: Fields v Lance v Wilson? (1 Viewer)


A lot of my leagues on fleaflicker are those where you can keep a few players from the previous year. Not dynasty, most of them have only 1-5 keepers.

A great strategy for me in years past has been to take a late-round flyer on some new QBs and if they hit, I have a solid starting QB the next year and don't have to worry about that in redraft. I have Josh Allen and/or Lamar Jackson on a lot of those rosters as a result.  Drafting a "safe" backup late-round QB doesn't give one any upside.

So, in 2021 Lawrence is not really such a late round option this year since he is universally recognized as a great talent and has a starting gig locked up. He seems to be going right after Burrow in redraft atm.  I'm looking at the other three and I'm trying to decide between them:

Fields - great prospect, great scouting reports, good O line, bad team, bad coach who is on his last legs, not a lot of offensive talent other than ARob. Bears have Dalton so who knows when he'll start? Skipped in draft by several teams who needed QBs.

Lance - Konami code QB, great coach, great team, behind a QB who took the Niners to the SB just 2 years ago. May not start for 5 weeks or more, a killer in redraft. Very limited playing experience at college. High draft capital and team traded up.

Wilson - Under-rated rushing QB (rushed for 10 TDs at BYU in 2020), outstanding accuracy on deep throws, on rebuilding team, will be starter, good coach (we think, Saleh checks the boxes). Really bad team the past few years, but they have tried to surround him with talent (O line, Davis, Mims, Moore). Very high draft capital.

I think I'm targetting them in the order listed above but I'm prepared to be swayed. What are your thoughts?

For 2022+ I am going with Lance. He has a very fantasy friendly skillset, and has no risk of a coaching staff change like Fields does. 

Wilson reminds me of Trubisky

I think Fields and Lance both have a good chance for being quality FF starters. I like Trey’s situation better.

For 2022+ I am going with Lance. He has a very fantasy friendly skillset, and has no risk of a coaching staff change like Fields does. 

I think he is the riskiest of the three.  Highest ceiling but also lowest floor.  He just hasn't played enough at an upper level to really know if he can handle it.  I think Fields is the best of both worlds in that he has a high ceiling but has shown he can do it against top notch collegiate talent.  It still may not translate but you have at least seen it at some point.  

I would go Fields, Lance, and Wilson in that order.  Fields has best combo of floor/ceiling, Lance is the shoot for the moon guy, and Wilson is just a notch below Fields for me.  In the OP's situation depending on bench spots it might be worth it to take Fields and Lance to give a better chance of one of them hitting.  I think the reward might justify it depending on how it affects current year roster.  

Any comments a year later?

1, Redraft preference?
2. Dynasty preference?

For me, as a distant 3rd, Wilson is not in this discussion. I keep flipping a coin between Lance and Fields - both for redraft and dynasty.

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