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LaVon Brazill -- what are your expectations, if any (1 Viewer)

The Riv

LaVon Brazill is set to come off of his suspension next weekend. After 3+ weeks of getting a feel for the more run-incorporated IND Colts, and with the TE situation developing a little more slowly than some had thought, what are your expectations for Brazill?

To be honest? Nothing.

He's the fourth wide receiver on the depth chart and fifth option in the passing game and in a system you've conceded is looking to trend more towards the run. I don't see anything here.

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Right, which is why I'm thinking, though it may be naive, that there's still room for someone to carve out a niche in the passing game, and start building a role.

Greg Cosell liked him, but agree with others - I don't like that passing game (under Hamilton) from a fantasy perspective . . .


Any observation about Brazill in terms of how he's played, moving forward now, and the like?

Heyward Bey hardly inspires confidence.

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Opportunity for someone to step up now in the wake of Wayne's torn ACL. I personally don't see DHB filling that role well, but even if he and Hilton become the everydown WRs, there's a third WR role for someone to step into.

Would assume Brazill gets first shot at that, no?

Now DHB has a fresh hamstring injury. The door opens a little wider for Brazill. I've never seen him play...is he a talent?

What are the chances Whalen becomes the #3?
Personally, I like Whalen better than Brazill and am rostering him over Brazill in a bunch of deep dynasties where they were both available.
May I ask why? The Colts have evaluated those two all season and have Brazill on the roster while Whalen was a practice squad player. Why would Whalen leapfrog Brazill now?
I just think he fits the mold of a player that Luck could have great success with. Hilton and DHB both have their issues with drops. Whalen has very solid hands, has played with Luck before, and was having a really impressive training camp last year. I just think it could be a good fit. Brazill has never really done anything, and doesn't seem to have any special qualities. He's seems like just a guy.


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