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Leinart is going to be the most successful QB (1 Viewer)


I've been saying it since last year. He is going to have Rothlesbergeresq success. Too many weapons on offense, he is the perfect guy to throw to fitz and boldin. Know where to go with the ball and get it there. Not to mention Edge.

No doubt he will be the best QB taken in this draft

agree 100%

i'm sure he didn't like the fall, but the landing was nice for him. great QB system and all the surrounding offensive talent

Which is better......$24 Million dollar signing bonus and stuck playing for the 49ers?

Less money and playing for an up and coming team with a great offense in place with an oft injured starter?

Countdown to Lienart's first start.........week 4?

10 million versus 20, who cares? Leinart has the best core of WR's in the game, he will put up huge numbers, and get a monster contract after his rookie deal expires. He will sign a four-year deal, and probably get the huge extension after the third year. Don't cry for Matt, he fell into a great situation.

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Living AZ, the last couple of months has been a dream when it comes to football. EDGE joins the Cards and Matt falls to 10. We have a francise QB and 2 pro-bowl WR's and a RB that hopefully has 3-4 great years left in the tank!

OH yea, the greatest stadium in the NFL! Can't believe this may actually come together.


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...and there are some nice players that just happen to fit the cardinals need areas still available

denny green gets a :thumbup: for doing something in arizona that nobody has been able to do for a while: build legit hope and a playoff contender


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