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Let's talk about Teddy Bruschi (1 Viewer)


Has anyone heard any info if he will play this week and how much? I have him sitting on my Taxi squad right now and am considering activating him, but I don't want to jump the gun too early. The pessimist in me thinks he won't be in game shape, but FBGs latest projections have him as the 3rd highest scoring LB on my roster.Here are my other LBsAndre DavisAntonio PierceKeith BrookingBradie JamesBen TaylorBTW, we have to start 3 LBs

Definately Andra and Pierce but im not yet sold on Bruschi. Sack-heavy formats might be the only way you can start him- as theres no word on how long he will play this week- and judging by some of his words, he'll probably have a limited role. However, Buffalo is a solid sack matchup (a shade over 2.5 allowed a game) so go ahead if you get points for this. Tackles might be in short supply this week because of the lack of PT but he is an AUTOMATIC start if you can be guaranteed he plays 2Q+

I'm just stunned that he's actually playing this week. I had assumed he'd practice for a couple weeks, then play. Glad to see he's back. :thumbup:Andra, Pierce and James would be my picks.

with last nights game and the dependence that team has on their linebackers.. I think Bruschi has a decent 2nd half...but his street value and actual value are still pretty far apart. He would be a guy I'm selling this week rather than buying


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