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Let's Talk Draft Day Trades (1 Viewer)



Let's make a list for reference.

First off, let's get one thing straight. Anything that you can support using links from a credible source we'll put in GREEN. Please document where you found the source with a link. Anything you can deduce from various primary and secondary sources, we'll put in ORANGE. And anything that you just made up, but that you think just really makes a lot of sense, we'll put that in PURPLE. While you may believe a link to be substantiated, if it does not have a link but you are sure you read it somewhere, it will be put in BLUE. Consequently, anything you read in blue, please try to find a link for if you can, so that a link can be posted here for everyone to read.

Also, please explain what circumstances would prompt a trade between both parties. Again, these are all potential trades, and this is meant to provide an additional source for people who like doing mock drafts, just to give them some ideas they might pursue.

NFL Draft Value Chart

Full NFL Draft Order (This has the corresponding SF/OAK picks in each round backwards, other than that it appears correct).

So, have at it. Post anything you want, but please be cognisant of the Draft Value Chart and what these teams might actually be thinking. Potentially, Denver could trade its entire draft and take the No.1 pick from the Texans, but that's not going to happen.

I'd like to hopefully get a very substantial list here by the weekend. At the least, it would be fun to look at what teams seem to have the most options (realistic options).

List of Potential Draft Trades:

1. Houston Texans

-NO Trades No.34 - NO would trade up to secure Leinart from TEN or NYJ.

2. New Orleans Saints

3. Tennessee Titans

4. New York Jets

5. Green Bay Packers

6. San Francisco 49ers

- DET Trades No.9, No.41 - DET would trade if Mario Williams slipped past the Packers.

7. Oakland Raiders

8. Buffalo Bills

9. Detroit Lions

10. Arizona Cardinals

11. St. Louis Rams

12. Cleveland Browns

13. Baltimore Ravens

14. Philadelphia Eagles

15. Atlanta Falcons

16. Miami Dolphins

17. Minnesota Vikings

18. Dallas Cowboys

19. San Diego Chargers

20. Kansas City Chiefs

21. New England Patriots

22. Denver Broncos (f/WAS)

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

24. Cincinnati Bengals

25. New York Giants

26. Chicago Bears

27. Carolina Panthers

28. Jacksonville Jaguars

29. Denver Broncos

- NYJ Trades John Abraham - Broncos looking for a DE, NYJ looking for more picks.

30. Indianapolis Colts

31. Seattle Seahawks

32. Pittsburgh Steelers

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Well, this being the NFL, anything is possible. But I think this NFLPA thing will have far more reaching affects than we think. I think teams will be less likely to trade UP now, for fear of having to cough up more $$ with an unknown future ahead of everyone...

I could see Denver giving up one of their 1st rounders though for Abraham though..


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