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Never too early to talk football. I'm curious which 2nd yr rb's you guys see taking a big step forward. Some names that cone to mind are: Wilson, Pead, James , Pierce, Miller, Hillman & Turbin.

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Dynasty question, how would you rate this years draft class as a whole compared to previous years? Should I be looking to trade away my draft picks this year or acquire more?

Hello Gentlemen, 12 team PPR 5 pts all TD dynasty question. I was wondering if you think that would be wise to deal Kaepernick. I could use WR help and with this years draft being so deep I thought about loading up on picks. I have Romo to offset the loss of Colin. WR I have; Fitz, Garcon, Malcom Floyd and its pretty bare after that. I am very solid to great at all other positions. What do you think would be a fair asking price in a 4 round rookie draft? Thanks for all your help in advance.

Lots of talk about Tavon Austin. Do you guys see him closer to Harvin or McCluster? 2 extreme exampes I know, but seems some are enamoured with him as the next great Harvin/Steve Smith type player, and others claiming he's just to small to make it in the league (McCluster) Thoughts? Where do you take him in PPR rookie drafts?

Any worries about Gronk? A Hernandez the 3rd TE behind Gronk and Graham? I have A Hernandez in dynasty is he too valuable to trade at this time? What would a reasonable trade offer for him be? Thanks for the podcast.


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