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Live Call-In Audible: The Drive Block - Week 7 (1 Viewer)

Fellas, what are the long-term prospects for tony scheffler? what kind of statistics do you see him likely attaining annually (roughly) in the next 4-5 years? thanks.

Larry Johnson!!! Larry...Larry...Larry.

I took him in 2nd round as my #2 back. Whats the deal on his benching? Do I need to worry going forward? Its bad enough his production has been feast or famine..now he isnt even playing.

I also have Roy Williams on my team (funny that now I have 2 bye weeks for the same player) I assume that it is going to be next week before I should start Roy? My Choice is Lance Moore or Roy (playing Eddie Royal in my other WR spot).

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Hey guys...the show rocks as always.

First off...what is wrong with Julius Peppers? Have you guys heard anything about him? Is something wrong with him that we don't know?

And second...I need a flex player for this weekend between Kevin Walter or Deangelo Williams. My head says go with Walter because Detroit sucks...but my gut says Williams will have a good day. What do you think.

Hi guys. Can't wait for the show this week.

After last week's sub-par performance by the NYG defense, should I start them this week or go with either MIA (vs. BAL) or HOU (vs. DET) off the waiver wire?

Also, is Mewelde Moore a better start than Ronnie Brown this week?

I have Cutler and Rodgers in a 1 QB league. Should I trade one, or should I sit fat and happy with 2 top QBs

If I trade one, which one do you think, and what type of value should I expect in return?

How would you rate the following receivers for this week and for the rest of the year? Galloway, Holt, Engram, Lance Moore.

I want to start out with a discussion of a different sort, the three best opening songs off a live DVD: AC/DC's "Thunderstruck", Metallica's "So What" (from Woodstock 1999) and the Talking Heads' Psych Killer. Sigmund, you and Cecil were probably chasing girls in patent leather shoes when that last one came out.

It seems senseless to ask a question about a player who has barely been on the field this year but here it goes; from a dynasty perspective, what do we make of Sydney Rice and his love affair with nagging injuries. I am going to give him the rest of the year but it has been frustrating.

Thursday night is Drive Block night!

Who's the best backup running back to target in trades or claim off the waiver wire? Who's the most likely to see significant playing time due to the starter getting injured (or suspended) and who's the most likely to take advantage of the opportunity?

Hey guys thanks for the advice last week! Always fun to hear discussion of deep sleepers. In that vein here are two quick questions. First what's the deal with Andre Hall? No action last week with young out. Second, what are your thoughts on Ben Jarvis Green Ellis being activated?

Thanks again for your work!

Ps already listened to the IDP this week! Good stuff!

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Couple quick qustions....

Derek Anderson...Solid QB or one lucky game?

Who would you rather have as an RB#2 down the stretch, Chris Johnson or Ronnie Brown?

Who is the better WR start down the stretch, Bowe or Coles?

Good eve, Gents.

What's the story on Hasslebeck's injury. Will he likely be out a while/season? Will Senaca garner enough fantasy points to fill-in?

Secondly, does Donnie Avery have a chance to be a good provider of points the remainder of the season?


What kind of trade value does LT have right now? A guy in my 12 team keeper league wanted Portis and Chris JOhnson and I said no. Is he only worth a couple of #2's at this point like Chris Johnson / Reggie Bush or is his value still as high?

Two questions:

First question:

Your thoughts on this trade that has been proposed to me:

I get Willis McGahee, Joseph Addai and Jason Witten

I give Frank Gore (or Clinton Portis) and Chris Cooley

The other GM said they would also make this trade without the TE's on both sides.

I'm currently 5-1 and in first place in my league.

Second question:

What are your thoughts on Ryan Torain once he returns?

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what is your gut on the fwp injury? just how valuable do you see mwelde moore down the stretch of the fantasy season and do you see any other rbs in pitt backfield that makes an impact.... :popcorn: (can bloom field this one?)

Top show guys

can you discuss any defensive trends that you have seen so far this year.

Something along the lines of starting your TEs vs SD and everyone against detroit

im in a deep league so things like slot receivers and RBs who may get more action in the 4th quarter of games in a blowout

oh and kickers who gives up big points to them? cause they need some loving too


1. What is your thoughts on Anthony Gonazales vs Marvin Harrison - is this a 2a/2b?

2. Does Reggie Brown occupy the 3rd WR role now (for Philly) and does he have value as a #3WR in non PPR

3. Reggie says the knee is fine. Do you agree? Is he a must-start still?

4. Bryant Johnson was a big sleepr for me this year. Is that injury killing his production?

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Buf vs SD



i saw an article somewhere about teams travelling EC to WC. how do you see this affecting each of these teams and who would you play?

Im parched as... will a frosty beverage help?

2 lineup questions...

who should i play, romo if he plays or delhomme no matter if romo plays or not?

in a non-ppr, cotchery or Lance moore?


Incredible Hulking Me


(gogobroncos from the chat here)Love the show. Please keep up the great work!


PPR, standard 10% yardage, 100 yard bonuses for rushing and receiving. Start 2RBs, 3WRs, & 1Flex.


Marion Barber @StLouis

Reggie Bush @ Carolina

Matt Forte vs Minnesota

Steven Jackson vs Dallas

Chris Perry vs Pittsburgh


Plaxico Burress vs SanFrancisco

Dwayne Bowe vs Tennessee

Roy Williams @StLouis

Kevin Walter vs Detroit

Lance Moore @ Carolina


I tried to log on with my new username(gogobroncos) but I have to wait to post on the new account, so here's the alias(THEBUTCHER)....... looks like I can't mess with anybody now. :lmao:

Thanks for any help with this!!!!



Couldn't catch it live last night, but I'm listening right now.

ETA: nice start to the show: Andrew: *crickets* Sigmund: *crickets* :lol:

Cecil: "Blue Moon Bluewery" :banned:

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