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Low hanging fruit/Forbidden fruit (1 Viewer)


Every year in drafts there are players who I think are easy picks. Some are are going way too late according to ADP. Some are correctly priced but just too good to pass up. These are the low hanging fruits. Conversely, every year there are players who are going way too early. These are usually the players that are being overly hyped by the fantasy hive mind. These are the forbidden fruits.

I'll give some examples of past "low hanging fruits".

1) Davanta Adams: In the past few years if I was picking in the middle to late first round and Adams was available I smashed the draft button every time. He has been such an easy pick and yet he fell to me in the late first on occasion. If I left a draft with Adams as my first pick I always felt warm and fuzzy inside. He was a true low hanging fruit.

2) Justin Jefferson: I was shocked last year when I looked at ADP's and saw that Jefferson was going at the end of the second round. He was a first round pick who broke the rookie record for yards. He really didn't get it going until the second half of the season when he averaged 10 targets per game. He should have been going early first at the worst.

3) Tom Brady: He is the poster child for a low hanging fruit. Did people really not think he was gonna be better in year two now with a full season of Gronk and AB(sort of)? Brady tore it up year one with the Bucs without having a normal offseason to prepare. While others were spending second, third or fourth round picks on Allen, Mahomes and Kyler, I just sat back and plucked me some Tom Brady in the 8th or 9th.

Forbidden fruit from the past.

1) CEH: He is the poster child for forbidden fruit. The fantasy hive mind somehow thought it was correct to draft this guy in the first round. He was drafted Sometimes middle to early first his rookie year. He went ahead of Swift, Taylor and Dobbins in the 2020 draft. All of these guy's were better talents in my opinion. CEH was drafted this high and yet it was controversial at the time if Zeke or Barkley should be fantasy first rounders their rookie year. These guys were generational talents picked in the top five of the NFL draft. They both are big dudes who are all around players. CEH is a little dude who was not an elite talent. This was an easy fade.

2) Antonio Gibson: Early second? Common on. He literally told us he was still learning how to run. They had a great pass catching RB to steal touches from him. This was not a good team. This was an another example of the fantasy hive mind pumping up who they hoped to be the next great talent.

These are just examples of what I considered to be low hanging fruit or forbidden fruit. If you can avoid the obvious busts and nail the obvious successes you will be well on your way to a fantasy championship. I am curious who you think are this years low hanging fruit and forbidden fruit.
I'm trying to edit the thread but it's only letting me edit the title. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I meant to say "He should have been going early second at the worst" Not early first regarding Jefferson.

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