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Smells like chicken
i think this is a good pace and if we keep it up just during the week. we will be done before labor day weekend. not sure what your complaint is perry



:lmao: okay I guess we all go watch one of the pre-season games and try again later :bowtie: at some point WE (that is all of us, not a directed comment) are going to have to address getting this thing caught up - we are going to have to do more than a round per day (including weekends) to finish before the end of the month
we've done 4 rounds in 3 days and we have 21 days until week 1 kickoff. We're doing fine imo.

Captain Hook

Well I could make three picks in a row.....but no DC, so we will try and restart in the morning.

As far as going past the end of the month, you immediately get into Labor Day weekend which many people have plans for AND at least some may be involved with the NFFC events that weekend or the FBG PC drafts. I know we got a late start but we still should be able to finish in the next two weeks - with a little effort from everyone


Captain Hook

okay to the lists, the lists boss. the lists

for Reaper

5.07 Marion Barber, RB, Dallas

for BSS

5.08 Owen Daniels, TE, Houston

and por moi

5.09 Jeremy Maclin, WR, Philadelphia

pming Shadowfax


Captain Hook

Guys - on the road - if/when we get to my pick in round 6 - PLEASE pm radballs for it

Ishould be back well before this draft gets to round 7



5.16 Pierre Garcon WR Ind

6.01 Ei Manning QB NYG

I'm on vacation on a lake in the boonies of NH with only my iphone for net connection . Stupid att only has edge for data here and it takes forever sometimes to be connected. I've been trying since 455 to post



And body....

6.16 Justin Forsett, RB-SEA....working on the 7.01 (Farve went at the 4.11 to Go DC; two out of 6 picks....go figure? You are not using the DD, flying by the seat of the pants, no doubt.)

Sorry I had to scratch my *** for so long: 7.01: Lance Moore, WR-NOS

PM sent

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I think what happens here is that Farve remains the 6.15 pick and Carlson slips into the 7.02 pick and the 7.03 pick is up.

Movin' Right Along.


I'll PM IWannaB (get yourself some Cowboy boots and b a Cowboy 2).

Toads said:
I think what happens here is that Farve remains the 6.15 pick and Carlson slips into the 7.02 pick and the 7.03 pick is up.
Rules are rules but how that played out wouldn't make much sense, kind of how our government is run. If he made a bad pick at 6.15 and I have a pick for him, it would make common sense to me that the 1 pick I have would fill that void. Even if it didn't fill that void and you made your two picks, for me to then go ahead and make his 7.2 pick when he has 8 hours or whatever it is knowing that he still has to make his 6.15 selection wouldn't be nothing short of being a ickeday. I want to win as much as the next guy but potentially I didn't like that way that could have turned out. He was trying to send a pick for round 7, to then turn around and use it against him to keep the draft going when he needs a 6.15 is why some guys decide not to send PM's with their list in the first place. Sprinkle in a little common sense and things work out a lot smoother.

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