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Red Apples

I have Tony G in my dynasty league and after this year, I know I'm going to need a replacemnet, maybe not next but certainly the year after that.

Lets talk the TE class of 2006...

Mercedes Lewis

Senior tight end Marcedes Lewis finished his season in prime fashion on Tuesday, being named the winner of the John Mackey Award, annually given to the nation's top tight end.

Lewis led the nation's tight ends in receptions and touchdowns this season, helping UCLA compile a 9-2 record and a trip to the Sun Bowl on Dec. 30.

Lewis, who finished the season with 58 receptions and 10 touchdowns, edged past finalists Vernon Davis of Maryland and Anthony Fasano of Notre Dame for the award.

"I knew the hard work I had put in, and this year I wanted to show it," Lewis said. "It's important to me that I finish my career as one of the best in UCLA history, and one of the best tight ends to ever come out of the Pac-10."

Lewis started his career at UCLA as the No. 1 tight end recruit in the nation and had extremely high expectations. For his first three years, those expectations hadn't been realized – the Bruins suffered through mediocre seasons, and Lewis combined for a total of 11 touchdowns.

This season, Lewis finally put those disappointments in the past, becoming quarterback Drew Olson's No. 1 target and three times going over the 100-yard mark in receiving.

"I've been ready to take that leadership role for a couple of years," Lewis said. "This year, I finally made an effort to take control of that."

Lewis and the Bruins had a disappointing finish to their regular season last Saturday, losing to USC, but Lewis will have a lot to look forward to: He is expected to be a first-round draft pick in April's NFL Draft.

OLSON NOMINATED FOR AWARD: Quarterback Drew Olson was named one of five finalists Wednesday for the Manning Award, annually given to the nation's top quarterback.

The award is given out by the Sugar Bowl Committee in honor of the college football accomplishments of Archie, Peyton and Eli Manning.

The other four finalists for the award were Vince Young (Texas), Matt Leinart (USC), Brady Quinn (Notre Dame) and D.J. Shockley (Georgia).

"Each of these student-athletes also provide today's aspiring youth with a road map for their own success," said Sugar Bowl Executive Director Paul Hoolahan.

Leonard Pope, Georgia Jr.
Name: Marcedes Lewis

School: UCLA

Year: Senior

Height: 6-6

Weight: 255

40 time: 4.75


Has excellent size with long arms and the frame to easily add more weight…A superb athlete with good quickness and leaping ability…Has outstanding hands and can adjust to the poorly thrown ball…Gives great effort as a blocker and does a better job there than he is given credit for…Has solid speed and can get down the middle and stretch the seam…Very productive and was the top pass catching threat on his team…Still developing and has a lot of upside.


May not have elite timed speed…Could stand to add some weight and looks frail on the field due to his lanky build…Lacks explosiveness and may have trouble separating at the next level…Needs to hit the weights and get stronger…Still relatively raw as he devoted a lot of attention to basketball in high school…Needs to refine his technique and master the nuances of the position.
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