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Most unlikely fantasy season comeback (1 Viewer)


What a weird season. I started off in my dynasty as the defending champ only to go 2-6 the first 8 weeks with loses to both my division opponents and 4 games back the division leader. Then I lose Aaron Rodgers to top it off, only to be followed by Adrian Peterson and his injury issue (and eventual loss). Short of having those 2 wins, I don't think you could have a more dismal start to the season than that.

Now here we are with week 15 wrapping up and I'm only one more win away from repeating as league champion.

- 7 wins in a row since week 9.

- 5 consecutive wins to finish the regular season with Andrew Luck at the helm.

- Division opponents losing just enough games to hand me the division with the best H-H record at 7-6.

- 2 playoff victories to win my conference with rookie pick Zac Stacey playing productively in place of AP.

My match up for the championship game is tough and I honestly don't expect to win it, short of my opponent's team suffering an unexpected implosion. But still, climbing out of THE absolute worst start I've ever had in 10+ years of playing fantasy football to get here is the biggest display of incredible, dumb luck I've ever seen (especially considering my 2-6 start pushed my in-season management to a point of disinterest where no FA moves or trades were made). Its almost a turn off to playing fantasy on how much luck it took, because I know I'd be fed up and ticked off if I was on the other side of it.

So how about you guys? Anyone else pull off or have seen someone else in your league pull off the most unlikely come back?

I started 2-5 in a 10 teamer, thanks to drafting Sjax, Gronk, Lacy (missing time at beginning of year) and Cobb. Picked up Foles (had drafted Vick late) though, had drafted Gordon :cool: , and with working the waiver wire I haven't lost since - 7 wins in a row. Currently projected to win playoff matchup this week as well (owner has Stafford & Pitta left, is down 34), but its going to be close.

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Guy started 0-5 in a long-running dynasty and ripped off 9 in a row. He appears to be the favorite to win it all next week.

I drafted Spiller and Ridley with my 1st 2 picks and I'm 12.2 points from Stafford away from the championship.

Guy in my league started 1-7. Gave up and traded all his old guys for new guys as possible keepers for next season. Totally cleaned house. Got rid of Tom Brady, Josh Gordon, Julius Thomas, Trent Richardson, Ray Rice, and got a bunch of young who-knows-who's in return.

Won his last 5, finished 6-7, which tied him for the last playoff spot in the division. Went down to like 4 levels of tiebreakers until he was knocked out of the spot.

The division leader at one point was 6-1 and finished at 6-7 after losing the last 6. They were on opposite sides of the standings and ended up tied in the middle.

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After years of begging my main money league to go to wildcards (as opposed to top three teams in each division), my 5-8 team from a few years back sneaks into the playoffs and then wins the Super Bowl and gets the big payout. Needless to say we went Wildcard the next year.

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Martin, MJD, and Miller were my first three picks. Gordon, K Allen, and V Jackson on the WW have put me in the championship game.

I'm probably heading to the championship game in a Superflex league where my only QB right now is Flynn. It's also a TE premium league where I lost Gronk, Reed, and Allen. My Clay + Green combo combined for 1.2 points this week.

Years ago I was one game back playing the guy one game in front of me head to head who happened to be my brother in law. Not only did I have to beat him, I had to win by 105+ points. Lucky we had some crazy scoring rules and I also had Yancy Thigpen

Kordell to Yancy 33 yd TD - TDs over 20 were worth 9 pts, 18 pts

Kordell to Yancy 69 yd TD - TDs over 50 were worth 12 pts, 24 pts

Kordell to Yancy 21 yd TD - TDs over 20 were worth 9 pts, 18 pts

Kordell rushing TDs 4 yd and 9 yd - non typical TDs were woth 2x, 2 x 2 x 6, 24 pts

I forget what the yardage was worth, but Yancy had 175 and kordell 303 yards.

Typical week in our league was 80 pts, rarely did someone bust 100. My bro in law only scored 54 points and I crushed the league record with 170+ points to make the playoffs and eventually win the title.

My team started off 5-0 one year. We started the season playing division games so I was 5-0 in the division. Lost my next 8 but due to key losses by my division opponents, I tied for the division lead but had a better division record so I won the division and the #3 seed. Played the team with the fewest points who had a lucky schedule and won the first playoff game. Had a huge week 15 and won easily. Then, I needed lots of help in the Super Bowl as my opponent was stacked. Going into Monday night, I needed a huge game from two players, forget who now, and by the 2:00 minute warning I was up a fraction of a point. I had gone to bed by my opponent was Yahoo! messaging me so in the morning I got the play by play. Needless to say, my QB threw a INT and I lost by less than a point to finish 7-9. Would have been great to win after the up/down season I had. Oh well.

Is this a "look at me" thread or what? lol

Did that comment make you feel special? Hmm? As in, hey guys look at me. Im too cool to start or participate in threads that some people just won't care about and I'm making this comment so you can clearly see that in me. I bet you'll come back to this thread and scroll down looking for more comments like your own so you can feel good about it.

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Here's my first 5 picks:

  1. Trent Richardson
  2. Chris Johnson
  3. Demarco Murray
  4. Roddy White
  5. Hakeem Nicks
Antonio Brown in the 7th and Keenan Allen in the 16th, picking up Julius Thomas & Nick Foles from Waivers and trading Johnson for Desean Jackson = in the championship game and on an 8 game winning streak. I still don't understand how this has happened.


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