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My problem with the way the Saints use Bush (1 Viewer)


I have a BIG problem with the way Reggie Bush was used in last nights game. After a first half in which the Saints moved the ball at will against the Vikings Reggie Bush had 7 carries and no receptions in the second half. I think there is a corrolation between the Saints success in the first half and Reggie Bush catching swing passes and dropping under coverage to catch short passes. Plus in the first half when they ran Reggie they pitched to him on the outside and let him make things happen. In the second half they ran him up the gut??

He is without a doubt the most explosive player on that team and last night from the first snap it was evident that the Vikes didn't have an answer for him but Payton managed to do what the Vikes couldn't, he took the ball out of Bush's hands by having Bress look down field the whole second half. There were many plays where Bush slipped through the line and was WIDE open underneath but Bress forced the ball down field.

I guess I just have a problem with the way they are using him. He is without a doubt the most explosive player on the field and he isn't getting the ball enough in my opinion. You might say I'm a disgruntled owner but you just have to look at his numbers in the 1st half and compare them to the second half.

First half- 4 carries 24 yards. 7 receptions for 64yards

Second half-8 carries for 5 yards. ZERO receptions

Some may say it was Minn's half time adjustments that contained Bush, but he was WIDE open on underneath passes that Bress forced downfield rather than dumping off to Bush. If the Saints are going to rely on his play making ability to be only showcased on special teams then they are shotting themselves in the foot. He looks like a different player this year and they need to find more ways to get him involved.

Thanks for letting me vent!

Well, from a stats perspective, NO didn't have the ball that much in the second half because Bush returned two punts for TDs.

But yes, the playcalling/pass selections could have been better.


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