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MyFBG Classic Fantasy Points Allowed Per Game - (1 Viewer)

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@Joe Bryant

Are these stats accurate?

I have things filtered by 2023, RBs, and 1 week. Pittsburgh is shown as giving up 74 yards in week 1, but McCaffery had like 150 by himself. I use this page to track PPG for defenses for DFS and I don't have confidence the numbers are right, can someone take a look?
It may be the year is not set to 2023. The link you have is not current and is set to 2003. The current link on the website defaults to 2023.

As always, anytime there's a question please visit www.footballguys.com/help and click "contact support". Please try that and they'll do their best to help. That's way faster than me trying to do Customer Service on 8 different platforms.
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