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Nate Poole Interview (1 Viewer)


I found this interesting: http://fantasyalliance.com/articles/1001622.cfm. Nate Poole, who played with Moss at Marshall, gave an interesting interview about how he madeit to the league undrafted and dealt with Katrina last year in N.O. Here's a little bit of it:

MB: "After playing with both Chad Pennington [in 1997, 98, and 99] and Byron Leftwich [in 2000] at Marshall, who do you think was a better quarterback?"

NP: "For me, it was Chad. I caught a lot of passes from Chad, and when Byron was starting, he was a young guy. I mean, Chad and I were there for three years together."

MB: "How do their different styles compare?"

NP: "Chad is a guy who is going to release the ball and throw a lot of timing routes. Leftwich could really throw the ball. He's a big guy. His arm was a lot stronger than Chad's. That's the different styles. Chad is going to go into the game and not take many chances. When we're starting with Leftwich, if you're a little bit open, you're going to get the ball."


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