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Need advise on what DFS offers variable owners? (1 Viewer)


So I was 'tasked'/'volunteered with trying to run an office DFS Salary style league for a bunch of football fans that don't really know anything about DFS or even fantasy sports in general.

Do any sites allow private contests that allow for variable amount of owners? Preferably on a week to week contest, winner take all.

i.e. I'd like to set the league/comtest for 10-12 owners, but I want the weekly contests to run even if we only get 6 or 7. Some people will ignore the invites or overall be unreliable week to week until they become addicted to it.

Seems like Fanduel and Yahoo both allow private leagues or 'friends' leagues but you need to hit the ownership for a winner take all to run. I'd hate to set it at 10 owners and have 9 sign up and excited just for the contest not to run.

Are there any workarounds that would allow this? A year long style league with little to no money guaranteed? Again, the goal is to let people try it out and see if they like fantasy sports, smack talk and the social aspect as apposed to taking their money. :)


I haven't setup any leagues, but I'm pretty sure Fan Duel has a "run even if it doesn't fill" option when setting up a private league.

I run two private leagues on Fan Duel.  Very easy and you can run them for bragging rights and exchange $ outside of their system if that's a plus.


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