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Need to grab a LB,DL, DB off waivers (1 Viewer)


RosterDL- Rice, Abraham, PollackLB- Vilma, Witherspoon, DJ WilliamsDB- R. Williams, M. WilliamsScoring- Tackle=1, Assist=.5, Sack=3, Int=4, FF=1, FR=1, TD=6I will list top 5 available and where they rank in waiver wire.LB- DJ Williams just hasnt done much and I cant take another half point from him if Witherspoon is out.#13 Quarles-TB#16 Morrison-Oak#27 D. Williams-Atl#28 Gold-Den#33 Mitchell-KCDL- Pollack is not getting the playing time I thought he would#1 Vanden Bosch-Ten#7 Seymour-NE#13 Allen-KC#17 Fisher-Sea#18 Carter-MiaDB- I traded away M. Lewis so need to add depth#4 CB- I. Taylor- Pit#5 S- Schulters-Mia#6 CB- Gamble- Car#10 S- Rhodes- Jets#10 CB- D. Hall- AtlJust need to grab one at each spot....any opinions would be awesome.

Quarles, Allen and Rhodes.Though I can not argue against Morrison or VandenBosch.Allen is a good looking young player with tons of upside and if your scoring rewards tackles and doesn't overreward sacks he is a great play.I am desperately trying to make room on my roster for Rhodes, but we have limitted waiver moves. I was hoping Sharper would get listed as OUT or DOUBTFUL so I could snag Rhodes with an IR pickup.


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